Elias Negash: Jazz made in Ethiopia

Elias Negash, who was born in Ethiopia and moved to the United States in 1971, has a long resume in the music industry. He was one of the pioneering figures in the Reggae and African music scenes in Northern California during the 1970s. He performed with groups such as Obeah, Axum, Caribbean All Stars and the Rastafarians. After a brief stint in Los Angeles working on the Royal Princess Cruise ship in the 1980s, Elias appeared on a sound track for the television movie Glitz and also performed in the TV series Murder She Wrote.

His music is well composed and has a lot of Ethiopian influence. Listening to his music is soothing, and makes one appreciate the outstanding talent of Africans. When given the chance, Africans excel.

I love the way he blends reggae into his compositions. Read more about his latest work.

Listen to his music below

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