Global Telecom Connect (GTC) connects the diaspora to Africa

Sherlock I. Graham-Haynes

Sherlock I. Graham-Haynes, a Jamaican Immigrant, and a Harvard educated Social Entrepreneur, is working diligently to create nurturing and safe contexts within which Africans in the diaspora can now make crucial and valuable contributions to their brothers and sisters in the homeland of Mother Africa.

It is now becoming clearer to anyone that “the earth is one country, and, humankind is its citizens.” As such, it is time for us to build structures that will unite us, and, support the undeniable fact that we are all brothers and sisters – travelling through time on this little rock – we call earth.

As his late father, the Reverend Henry I. Graham-Haynes wrote in an important article some time ago: “A network saves legwork” – Mr. Graham-Haynes is currently developing “networks” all over Africa in order to educate his brothers and sisters there about a powerful cutting edge breakthrough in telecommunication – and, how it can make their lives more wonderful economically and socially. As such, he believes that: “Africa is calling!”

The Bible says that “the first shall be last, and, the last shall be first.” He believes firmly that those of us who make up the diaspora ought to now intentionally constitute ourselves to help better the lives of our brothers and sister back in Mother Africa. There are over 30 million Africans living outside of the continent, and in 2010 transferred $40 billion, the second largest source of income for Africa, according to the World Bank. This implies that the diaspora has significant a role in developing Africa by injecting capital into various sectors in Africa.

As a Social Entrepreneur who holds a graduate degree in Human Development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and, over twenty years of training in Leadership Development and Personal Efficacy from Landmark Education, and other modalities – including deep personal work with the Mankind Project, and important training in Non-Violent Communication – Mr. Graham-Haynes has developed several products to transform the quality of life for people - in order to make their lives more wonderful - regardless of age, race, sex, or religious orientation.

His flag ship project is The Rose Garden Forum

In his words:

“While being a first generation and mature student studying Moral Philosophy at the elite Williams College in western Massachusetts, as a direct result of my religious teaching – I understood and internalized a most powerful idea that has positively changed my world view forever.

The idea is at once elegantly simple, and, also has profound implications if put into practice by the many. Here it is! The human family is like a Rose Garden – that is, a garden with manydifferent and varied colors.

Consider a rose garden with only red roses in it – most people would find such a garden boring and monotonous. However, if one thinks of a garden with red, yellow, pink, and, other colors – Iwould suggest that most people would agree that it is a much more beautiful garden.

With just a little bit of objective reflection – we can all see that this is indeed similar to the make of our common human family. We are Africans, Asians, Caucasians, Latino, American Indians, and others. In this compelling heuristic of “unity in diversity” we are all now being challenged to give up the now anachronistic principle of “unity in conformity” and thereby correct our “crisis of perception” that has beset us for so many centuries.

As a Jamaican immigrant studying among some of the most privileged and wealthy people in the world at Williams College – I saw myself as a “Black Rose” in the garden of life with the divine right to be here on this planet earth! Needless to say – this orientation has served as my protective and impervious armor to overcome numerous vexing challenges in my life over the years.

It has therefore been my mission to strive to re-orient the minds of my brothers and sisters all over the world – so that they may open their “inner eyes” to truly “see” the inner reality that constitute all of us; and, from that place appreciate the beautiful and lovely roses that we all are as one human family. Indeed, the Rose Garden Forum – with the advent of the internet, social media, and other ways of fast communication – is truly an idea whose time has come.”

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Another one of Mr. Graham-Haynes’ project Global Telecom Connect (GTC)

GTC is a telecommunication company that can play a major role in Africa. The Telecommunication sector in Africa is a trillion dollar industry, with a large share of Africans using cell phone devices. Mr. Graham-Haynes believes that because of the unique and cutting edge capabilities of GTC - it can put millions of dollars in the hands of Africans on the continent and in the diaspora to increase their purchasing power.

Typically, Africans spend anywhere from $50 to $100 or more a month on buying telephone calling cards to talk with their loved ones back home. As such, this expenditure can cost a person between $600 to $1,200 per year for making these calls. Now, what GTC offers is that for a onetime fee $300 and by referring four people to do the same thing – you will never have to pay another phone bill out of pocket. In addition, if you keep referring people – as is currently happening in the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Ghana and elsewhere – people can make a fortune where they are being paid via a Master Card in US dollars in Africa.

With the influx of these dollars – now being made possible due to the uniqueness of the GTC product, a product that is ubiquitous and worldwide in use - Africans can start small businesses, educate their children, and invest in their futures. The private sector has a role to play in the development of Africa, and coming up with ways like this one with GTC to increase the capital of ambitious African entrepreneurs is significant and much needed development.

GTC has already had business workshops in several Africa countries, and this trend is gradually growing. Networking is becoming the norm in the business world, and learning the functionality of GTC can be a major step in empowering African entrepreneurs. Be enlightened and join

GTC by taking 15 minutes to view this link: and, then visit the following website: in order to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Here are images of GTC meetings in Cameroon and The Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.

Sherlock Graham-Haynes has a dream of seeing Africa become a major world economy, and he believes it will take a network of people with innovative ideas to ensure that Africa attains its true greatness.