The Moipei Quartet: Kenya's best kept secret

Moipet Quartet

The Moipei Quartet (from left) Magdalene, Mary, Seraphine and Malta. With them is their father Nicholas Ole Moipei holding the trophy the sisters were awarded during the International Crown Gospel Music Award in Durban, South Africa, recently. [Source: Daily Nation]


The Moipei triplets Mary, Martha and Magdalene and their younger sister Seraphine form the all girl music group, Moipei Quartet. These talented Maasai girls have very beautiful voices (well trained by their father Nicholas ole Moipei who is also their teacher) and often perform 'a capella' or accompanied by piano only, mostly in classical styles.

The first time I heard this group, I was amazed at their sweet angelic voices. It really indicates that Africa has a lot of hidden potential, the world needs to know.

I will continue exposing the world to such exceptional talent.

Best African Gospel Award in Durban, South Africa

The Quartet, well known for their exploits at the Kenya National Music Festival, entered the Durban festival as underdogs, but at the end, emerged the best on the continent.

They won in the “Best of Africa” singing category in the Crown Gospel Music Awards in South Africa.The event is held yearly to honor the best of gospel music talent.

They were nominated for their song "Church of the vale," off their 16-song album In the "Land of the lion," and were pitted against famous and experienced singers from South Africa.

President Kibaki recently honored them with the Head of State Commendation, an award given to people who have changed the lives and image of Kenya.

The talented quartet can be a source of inspiration to young Africans. Find your gift, master it and impact the world. Exactly what this blessed family is doing.

This is no longer a secret!

"In the Land of the Lion"


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