A conversation with an Elephant

by Classic Retreats
(Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

This is an exceptional picture. The location is Chiawa Camp. A great destination for tourists, and people who appreciate the beauty of Africa.

The Conversation

The two ladies ask the elephant,"Are there more beautiful places like this in Africa."

The elephant says,"Yes, Africa is the epitome of beauty, and Chiawa Camp is a prime example."

The ladies continue to say,"We are enjoying our time here, thanks for welcoming us."

Elephant replies,"You are most welcome, Chiawa Camp is open to all people, as well as the rest of Africa. Discover the continent and collect a catalog of priceless memories."

The elephant appreciates Africa, so Africans should appreciate their continent, and speak great things about it.

Read more on Chiawa Camp and visit this treasure of Africa.

Chiawa Camp

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