by Marlon

The group Staff Benda Bilili is truly inspirational. They are a group of paraplegic street musicians who live around the streets of Congo. Music has brought them together and kept them from the vile behaviors synonymous with street life.

They predominantly play string instruments, but their music is infectious. God has given them a talent which they have embraced. Currently they have been touring around Europe blessing people with their beautiful sounds.

This story, illustrates how it is possible to fulfill a dream, if you put your mind to it. Everyone needs to find an escape route to what is holding them back in life. It may be a negative past experience like a poor relationship, sickness or low self esteem contributed by unwelcome remarks.

Staff Benda Bilili have found an escape route from the street life, and not even physical limitations have prevented them from maximizing their talents.

Every human being is special and can achieve great things. This is an inspirational story, which also illustrates the great talent in Africa.

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