AFRICAN TREASURES: Virunga Volcanoes

Beautiful Virunga Mountains

Beautiful Virunga Mountains

Beautiful Virunga Mountains


National Geographic in its travel section under the ‘Best of the world 2012’, illustrates the Virunga Volcanoes as evidence of the “dual creative and destructive nature of volcanoes.”

The magazine reports: “Straddling the borders between Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the eight-volcano chain is one of the Earth’s most active regions and a veritable salad bowl for mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants, and other wildlife. Landscapes in all three countries conjure vision of both Eden and Hell. ”

In Uganda, the Virunga ranges comprising Muhabura, Mgahinga and Sabinyo peaks are located in Kisoro district in South Western Uganda.

The National Geographic lists Uganda alongside other places in Iceland, Thailand, Germany, Croatia, Colombia, Spain, US, Canada, Oman, UK, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Greece, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Panama, Peru and Mongolia.

BEST OF THE WORLD 2012 by National Geographic

Pics taken at Virunga Mountains

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