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African ancestry: Are the Chinese rooted to Africa?

I stumbled on this video, which is quite interesting. A lot of people say mankind is rooted to Africa, and it is something that is still be unraveled. DNA proves that Chinese are African. Is it true or false? Is there a genetic subconsciousness that pulls Chinese to Africa? There are so many questions that time will only answer through further research. The video below explains.

DNA proves Chinese are African

Best methods to find about African Ancestry

How to discover your African Ancestry with DNA?

The puzzle is finally solved!You can trace your heritage in Africa through DNA.Here is an insight on how to achieve it.

Take for example Isaiah Washington, who was full of joy after finding out he was from Sierra Leone. [check video below]

Who said this can not be you. We all need a sense of belonging, and one of the dreams anyone can fulfill is to lead a neighbor to his true heritage.

Majority of people would like to know their heritage but do not know how. There are scientifically proven methods of doing this. Finding out one's heritage brings a feeling of joy.

Isiah Washington's precious moment

The best DNA analysis is through African Ancestry. It is the only company that can trace your ancestry back to an African country or origin.

Hear Hope Masters' moving speech about the discovery of her Nigerian ancestry.

African Ancestry and more on African culture

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