African culture is apparent in most art forms. Currently, the popular music industries of the world have embraced this culture. The hit song "Waka Waka" by Shakira and Freshlyground was inspired by a group from Cameroon. Read more by clicking on the link below.
More on African culture and the origin of "Waka Waka"

True meaning of African masks

African masks

When talking about the culture of Africa one cannot leave out masks. There are so many stories about African masks.

The inherent symbols of nature within Africa depicted in African decors continue to inspire the feeling and motivation of artists as reflected in the growing demands of African home furniture, and room decors.

African art and the culture that embodies it are demonstrated in fine craftsmanship. Most of the traditional, handed-down techniques applied in the creation of these decors, continue to deliver quality art pieces of home decors that are highly demanded all over the world.

It is difficult to find a gorgeous home with out African embellishments these days. African culture continues to penetrate different societies in the world.

African fashion industry is growing fast

African fashion is getting more recognition. People no longer label the traditional fabrics, like Kanga, boring. Traditional fabrics are adding a rare touch to design. People in the world are intrigued by the stories behind these fabrics. The African culture is simply hard to resist.

How African Sculpture Influences Modern Art

Beautiful African sculpture

Many African schools of art study Western art and glorify the innovations of the "Cubists", "Fauvists" and "Expressionists", yet the genii of these works are rooted in African aesthetics and stylistic renderings.

African culture has a prominent role in modern art.

Modernist artists such as Brancusi, Leger, Rodin, Braque and others were drawn to African sculpture because of its sophisticated approach to the abstraction of the human figure.

The unique culture of Africa gives art work splendor and authenticity.

Read this enlightening article and discover great artists from Africa.

Kenyan Artwork getting global attention

Kenyan art is getting a lot of international recognition. The world is appreciating the great culture in Africa.

Beyonce embraces African culture

Recently, Beyonce has embraced the dance culture from Southern Africa. I have also been fascinated by their style, at times I think these dancers do not have skeletons. They are so agile and flexible when using their limbs. Beyonce and the Tofo Tofo boys [Mozambique] collaborate to entertain the world in the music video "Run the world". Africa has a lot to offer, and should be looked at with more optimism. There are hidden treasures in Africa which need to be unlocked, so that the rest of the world can benefit.

The videos below show the origin of the dance moves in the Beyonce video "Run the world".

"The boys are doing their best to represent our culture." A quote from one of the members. He shows real humility.

Helen Jennings reveals the hidden potential of African fashion

New African fashion

Fashion expert, Helen Jennings, sees the hidden potential of African fashion. Read and find out what this intelligent lady, has to say about African fashion.

African Kanga, a fabric, adding a touch of class to fashion

African Kanga contributes to fashion

African Kanga is becoming a hot fabric in the fashion industry

Angola: birthplace of Capoeira

Angola has a rich culture with Portuguese influence. During the days of slavery, slaves indulged themselves in Capoeira. It was a traditional dance and at times used for self-defense.

Capoeira has been embraced by various cultures of the world. It is frequently used in Brazil in their festivals, and a form of martial arts. It continues to grow in popularity, and is even being used by UFC fighters.

Video link: The origin of Capoeira

An exhilarating illustration of Capoeira

Mr. Salif Keita: A voice for the voiceless

Salif Keita the golden voice

African music is having a major impact in the world. An artist I will be featuring is Mr. Salif Keita. A singer-songwriter from Mali known as the "Golden Voice of Africa." His album La Difference, awarded "Best World Music 2010" was dedicated to the struggle of the worldwide albino community of which he is a part. He is surely a precious person, a voice for those who might not have a say in society [the albinos].

Mr. Salif Keita singing "Made in Mali"

Ms. Oumou Sy: Senegal's Queen of Couture

Queen of style

Ms. Oumou Sy is a fashion designer from Senegal referred to as "Senegal's Queen of Couture." Her collections have been shown throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.S. and she has won awards in international film festivals for her costume designs.She is a 1998 laureate of the international "Prince Claus Awards."

Ms. Oumou Sy has succeeded in exposing African culture to the world of art, for instance in the film and fashion industry. Below are some of her fashion shows.

She founded the association Metissacana, that supports the cultural and economic exchange between the continents. This Ambassador of African culture is putting the continent on the map, as she reveals the hidden treasures of Africa. Treasures of a continent that has a keen eye for fashion and design.

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Playing for change: Africans and the world unite for beautiful music

I am a staunch admirer of the movement "Playing for a change". The movement has done an astonishing job in promoting peace and unity through music. Africans are also participants, and their talents are also being exposed to the world.

Mermans Kenkosenki from Congo has a wonderful voice

"Music is my ammunition," use music to promote peace, love and unity.

The Senegalese musicians representing

People wonder where Akon gets his unique voice from, I honestly think it is strongly influenced from his Senegalese roots. Baaba Maal from Senegal has a sweet voice that adds the appropriate amount of sugar to Three Little Birds.

Singer, Baaba Maal leads Three Little Birds

African culture continues to be exposed to the rest of the world, adding spice to the music industry.

Find out more about "Playing for a change."

How Can Fashion Create A Better Relationship with Africa?

African fashion

The rise of African culture: Here is an informative and enlightening article on Africa, and its contribution to the fashion world. Is Africa getting recognition? Read more and find out

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