African poetry and words that inspire optimism

Introducing African Poetry: Poetry and Prose that relates to Africa

Being Ugandan, I guess you can call my literature, African literature. In this page, I will post messages that promote optimism, and bring positive awareness to Africa. I started off with a piece, "Looking at Africa through a lens of optimism."

Creative works from other writers/poets will also be featured. Feel free to share your artistic pieces, and leave your comments. Artistic work needs to be appreciated and enjoyed together.

Anyone who has something positive to say can contribute.

Looking at Africa through a lens of optimism

Lens of optimism. Positive Africa

Africa for so long has been marginalized. Termed as a continent of backwardness. Sadly some people are even afraid to go to Africa because of the media stereotypes. Pessimism has been tagged to the continent.The AIDS scourge, tribal wars, famine, drought, and poverty are common topics in the media outlets.I am determined to change my glasses permanently, and change the glasses of those around. With my words of enlightenment.

Africa a continent, not a country, is like a treasure trove that is locked tight. Contents of the treasure trove are mesmeric. From untapped natural resource, to food that can feed the world, and talent that can impact the world in a positive way.

Recently, nations have taken notice of the hidden potential from China, India to Brazil. As these nations try to work hand in hand with Africa, the tight lock can gradually begin to unravel. Such nations have put on glasses of optimism, and realize the world can benefit from Africa.

Numerous Africans have put on the wrong glasses, and pessimism is always at the tip of their tongues. Some of them say, "Africa is full of corruption, nothing can come out of the continent. I have lost faith in my country, there are always tribal wars. Africa is so poor, there is no need to invest." Confessions like this can only halt the progress of the continent, words are powerful. The greatest book says, "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit."

Speak positive about Africa and find ways to assist in unveiling the hidden treasures.

Yes, Africa might need aid and go through upheavals, but the continent wants to trade with developed nations to boost its economy.

The recent revolutions in North Africa can also be a positive sign. Perhaps, the people who were victims of incompetent governance can now be under a government for the people by the people. Harmony in a country is one of the flavors needed for development.

A youthful mix of witty leaders can bring new ideas and innovations to countries that are lagging behind. They should be given a chance. Nothing is impossible when the right minds come together.

People should not scorn Africa, but find ways to help the continent fulfill its hidden potential. Put on your glasses and look at Africa through a lens of optimism.

Watch this space for more African poetry and insightful messages.

African poetry in music and much more on African culture.

Breaking the Wall of Deception

Breaking the wall

A strong wall was built and it blocked the truth. With every negative story portrayed in the media and amongst fellow man, each brick became firmer. It was a wall that stood for numerous years and blinded many. It was build with a foundation of ignorance.

A new day has come, and the truth is being told. I was once frozen behind the wall but no more. It is time to break the, “Wall of Deception.” Successful stories that go untold need to be spread, in order to change the mindset of those stagnated behind the wall. Each brick is taken down with every positive story, and a ray of light can be seen at the other end of the wall. A light symbolic of a time, when those connected to the Motherland, unite to permanently overcome the wall.

It will take aggression, unity, innovation and determination to completely break the wall. The precious ones who are connected to Africa in different areas of the world, will have to work in unison with their brothers and sisters to reach the other side of the wall.

A side of enrichment and joy.

A side that clothes people with purpose and hope.

A side that unearths the potential of those marginalized.

A side that can be a stem for the betterment of the world economy.

This is the time for Africa.

by Marlon Katsigazi

Footnotes: Love the pic from it represents the content well.


African poetry: Help people achieve greatness

She woke up in the morning expecting her parents to come home but to no avail, news came in from the neighbors that her parents had been killed in a serious looting masterminded by Dada, a notorious dictator.With no parents she felt empty at such a young age,she was another victim of Dada's reign.

She prayed everyday for a sign of hope for her family, divine intervention was the only means of hope.Her prayers were answered when an Irish Missionary [an orphan] invested his time and resource to start an orphanage. The orphanage sparked off the start of the African Children's Choir. A Choir, comprising of orphans that have sang wonderful tunes to inspire many around the world.

Many orphans have done instrumental things in the world for example:

1. Nelson Mandela, a prominent freedom fighter in South Africa.

2. Bill Clinton, an American President, who helped the American economy blossom.

3. Steve Jobs,former CEO of Apple, who contributed to technological advancement.

We all have gifts and talents but we have to overcome adversity, to move forward and have an impact in the world. Take heart from the wonderful orphans, who have blessed the world with their gifts and talents.

People can become orphans because of certain reasons, but their potential should never be questioned. When given a chance, they can do great things in the world.

Share African poetry, creative writing and inspirational stories below.

Help people achieve greatness.

Chiedu ifeozo: A poet that successfully speaks his mind

African poetry by Chiedu ifeozo: Chiedu is a charismatic Nigerian poet who believes in making poetry a popular form of art. He was featured on CNN's inside Africa. Check out the feature

Chiedu's excellent African poetry

Homecoming is well written, and illustrates Chiedu's affinity for his homeland. Vividly described with the right mix of words. Truly creative.

Homecoming (Forever begins) by Chiedu Ifeozo Discover more about Chiedu's poetry

We must all exist together

Can you imagine the isolated soul

with no-one in sight to hear

the cries and the tears that your heart would shed,

and the constant, looming fear?

Can you see in your mind the life of a man

without anywhere to belong?

Because a society judged him unworthy,

because they think they’re right, and he’s wrong.

Try and imagine the pain that you’d feel,

with sneers and hateful words, and spit at your heels.

What would it be like if the gates were locked;

you couldn’t get in, and you couldn’t get out?

Imagine the feeling that you’re worthless,

some dirt that’s been stepped on by someone’s uncaring shoe.

Perhaps at that point it’s too much for your heart,

and you take your own life, to stop it hurting you.

Imagine this world, for maybe a minute,

after that you can stop; you don’t like it, sure

but there are people who go through this every day,

and they can’t stop it, unless they’re no more.

So when you hear of hate, bigots and death,

don’t side with haters, cause that’s how you’ve been bred.

Imagine how it is, or was for that guy,

the one that’s hurt, or lying dead.

So imagine the feelings and memories too,

of people oppressed, hated, abused;

Of people who lived outside of that fence

and what they came to – does it make sense?


Tshila is truly a talented artist. Her interaction with words, magnifies the act of respecting one another.This is an excellent contribution to African poetry.

She uses her gifts to make a difference in the community. Read more on Tshila, and support her work.

Get acquainted with Tshila, as she mixes African poetry and music.


A talented Kenyan poet I know, wrote this vivid masterpiece on Africa.


A place so special in nature

Has special fondness and treasure

To bring overwhelming pleasure

Unique place in nature

Simple it may be

Unfurnished others may see

Crunch of comfort it brings

Is beyond other things

Away one may stay for long

Places with affinity so strong

But one place is unforgettable

Its position is indisputable

Even if only few birds chirp around

With few scenic things around

The limpid silence may be the conspicuous feature

The sun punctuating its nature

With people around diversity made complete

The bond strengthens that fire cannot deplete

Home sweet home

Africa, my first love.

The yardstick of my pride

There where I will glide and ride with my bride.

by Sam McAkinyi Mboya

Here is some more African poetry, it is not new stuff but is still relevant. Enjoy

"Be the Nile" is one of my favorite poems. It literally shows why water is life. The Nile inspires people around it, and is a symbol of civilization


Africans will need prudence as they enter a season of economic boom. A lot of African nations are discovering oil, and it is important to lay out a plan with clear judgment to extract the resource successfully. The communities should benefit from these resources and not suffer, because of a poor plan in unveiling the untapped resource.

Here is a poem on prudence

Poetic Portraits of a Revolution

African poetry inspired by Poetic Portraits of a Revolution

This team of poets embarked on a journey to Africa during summer 2011, bringing light to the happenings in North Africa. They use words to bring awareness, educate, promote peace and to inspire a positive revolution. I have met them, and they are great people who want to make a difference in the world.

Support Poetic Portraits of a Revolution

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