African speakers: Voices spreading optimism

African Speakers, Eddie Obeng: Smart failure for a fast-changing world

Be a comprehensive decision maker, and always be willing to learn. This is an interesting speech by Business Educator, Eddie Obeng

African Speakers, Unity Dow: Rethinking Africa

Changing the way of thinking. The speech talks about there being a new generation that loves Africa and its culture. A generation that is ready to move Africa forward, marking it as a potentially thriving economy in the next thirty years.

Unity Dow: Rethinking Africa

"Unity Dow, a lawyer, high court justice in Botswana and novelist, describes seismic generational shifts between pre- and post-independence Africans. She asks how the identity shifts of the next generation will change the dynamics of the world stage and what that means for Americans, many of whom are working with outdated paradigms in a world rebalancing."

The thing that is fascinating for me in the speech is when she talks about China making it easier for Africans to deal with them, for example having a speech translator at the airport to help you settle in a visit to China. China knows that Africa is the future and the nation is strategically trying to build a good relationship with Africa.

Herman Chinery-Hesse - Powering the African Marketplace

Herman Chinery-Hesse is one of those African speakers that has a sense of humor and speaks his mind.

Herman had a dream and did not let the doubters stop him from reaching his goals. He believed he could be successful in Ghana with the skills he acquired.

Herman believes in teaching yourself skills to add value to any industry. As human beings we need to have a mindset of a "competent student," a student that is eager to learn new skills everyday. This can be done through a reading culture and listening to wise people.

"You can't win if your winning with people coming behind you."

Herman believes that every African should achieve success, and if one is lagging behind, he should be helped to become successful. This is a spirit of unity that Africa needs to develop.

Herman talks about his background and innovations

Herman comes up with innovative ways to solve problems in Africa. Africans should strive to think outside the box like Herman.

Ory Okolloh: The making of an African activist

One of the great African speakers who welcomes humor in open arms. Ory Okolloh is an inspiration to all Africans.

In her words: "As Africans we need to take responsibility for our continent."

This brilliant lady criticizes the way the media time and again portrays Africa negatively. She is from a humble background but has excelled in life. There are a lot of great African success stories that need exposure. Africans need to listen to people like this to be inspired to do amazing things.

Africans should also share their positive stories to encourage one another and to remove the negative mindset that is always a sidekick of Africa.

She believes Africans should aggressively participate in promoting Africa. There should also be accountability in leadership to enhance productivity in Africa.

Focus on disasters = Ignoring the potential

Listen to her inspiring speech below:

She mentions William Kamkwamba, the Malawian teenager whose story is very inspiring. Discover more about him on this page.

Check out other wonderful African speakers below.

African speakers: Moky Makura

Moky Makura is a Nigerian-born South African actress and presenter best known for her presenting on the news and actuality show Carte Blanche, and for her starring role as Folake Abayomi on the drama series Jacob's Cross.

Makura was born in Nigeria and educated in England where she received an honours degree in politics, economics and law from Buckingham University.

She worked in the UK for Redwood Publishing, Paragon Communications, Hill & Knowlton, PGC Promotions and Lynne Franks PR.

In 1998 she returned to Africa and was appointed General Manager of Text 100 and then PR Manager to Iridium Africa. She launched RED PR, her own company, in July 1999 before moving on to an executive position at FCB Redline.

Makura sold her company, Red PR, to FCB and continues to consult independently to various companies.

One thing I know about her, she is an excellent presenter. I used to watch Carte Blanche and she did a wonderful job. Recently, she had a wonderful speech [TED] and there were so many similarities with what we are doing at Discovering Africa Network. She wants people to see the positive side of Africa, and take a break from the media's scope of view which is mostly negative.

What I love about this speech is that she believes Africans should share more of their positive stories, to inspire other Africans to do great things.

"Until lions learn to write, hunters will tell their stories for them."

TEDxEuston - Moky Makura - Finding African Stories

Moky Makura talked about Chimamanda Adichie, her speech is below.

Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

This brilliant lady talks about the stereotypes of Africa. Stereotypes that magnify the need for knowledge on Africa.

Stereotypes in society blind people on the positive things that make human beings great.

Another video of Adichie throwing more light on stereotypes, and the need to get good perspectives before making conclusions on Africa

Both these wonderful ladies want to use stories to inspire and empower Africans.

At Discovering Africa Network we shall strive to look at Africa through a lens of optimism.

Other than these great African speakers, the continent has wonderful entrepreneurs glittered with positive stories.

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