African talents are shining in the world

African Talents: Denver Nuggets Executive VP of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri is the first African native to run a major American sports team.

This is an indicator of a person who is naturally talented in leadership, and has a great eye for scouting talent in basketball. When Africans are given an opportunity to excel and they have the right mindset, they usually reach the pinnacle of success.

Masai Ujiri is an inspiration to all Africans.

In his words:

"The continent needs good leaders."

Leaders who have gotten valuable experience, and have learned the appropriate ways to do things, can propel Africa into greatness.

Watch this enlightening video about this wonderful man. Video link

Check out this Masai Ujiri interview

I love the fact that he was determined to reach the top and never gave up. Follow your dreams with an openess to learn from experienced people in your industry, and you shall reach the top.

Masai Ujiri has come a long way, and is focused at being the best at his job. He is a real inspiration.

Bino and Fino

African Talents: Nigerian Animator Adamu Waziri’s “Bino and Fino”

(CNN) — Move over Disney — a Nigerian animator has produced an educational cartoon to teach youngsters about African culture.

Tired of African children watching only imported cartoons that didn’t reflect their lives, Nigerian animator Adamu Waziri decided to do something about it.

His creation is “Bino and Fino,” a cartoon aimed at three to five year olds, about a brother and sister who live with their grandparents in an unnamed African city.

“I want to create a brand that’s as good as Dora the Explorer, Charlie and Lola, quality wise, made in Nigeria, that is educational, and also shows positive aspects of Nigerian/African culture, not just to Nigerian or African kids but to kids everywhere,” says Waziri. Read more

This is wonderful for the future generation. Being exposed to African culture at an early age, will help people embrace the culture in the future. Understanding one's culture promotes respect and unity between peers.

Africa's Latest Children's Cartoon, Bino & Fino! 1st Episode!