African Technology: Innovations made in Africa

African Technology: Get to know Raindolf Owusu, who is using his creativity to add value to the Tech industry in Africa.

African Technology: The use of innovations to promote development

This video is very instructive and highlights particular ideas that can lead to development in Africa. Listen and analyze the topics being discussed by Africans who are doing great things. Focus on the material concerning Africa.

African Innovations

Key points

1. Dependence on aid will not develop Africa.

2. Trade between African nations should be promoted

3. Governments in Africa should support the innovation culture. The private sector should be given lee way to thrive

4. Africans are the ones who are going to develop the continent

African Technology and Innovation - Herman Chinery-Hesse Tech4Africa

Herman talks about his road to success in the world of technology in Africa. With his sense of humor and eloquence, he shares his knowledge, innovations and experience brilliantly to the tech world. He reminds the world that Africa is embracing technology and its future is bright.

I love the way he identifies problems and comes up with creative solutions, this is what Africa needs to reach greatness. Watch Herman's excellent speech for Tech4Africa below.

African Technology: Showcasing the innovations and potential of African hands.

Erik Hersman, Founder of iHUB, Nairobi, Kenya illustrates the technological advancement in Africa. He loves Africa and shows the world the brilliance of Africa in an era of technology and ingenuity. There is no question Africa is on the rise and the youthful exuberance that covers the modern Africa is at the forefront.

Watch this enlightening video on modern Africa

African Technology: Getting ready to take flight - The Helicopter Project

It is quite fascinating how this ambitious team has been trying to build a helicopter for a number of years. They have come up with something amazing, considering the limited resources they used. This is an indicator that Africans are full of ingenuity and wit, which enables them to come up with intriguing innovations.

Watch the video below and read the message at the end to support the team.

Helicopter Project Uganda

Support the team as they embark on a remarkable journey which begun as a child's dream.

African Technology: Crowdsourcing gaining momentum in Africa

Crowdsourcing in recent years has gained significant traction around the globe. The premise behind it is the concept of maximizing or utilising masses of individuals to solve a large problem. The most visible and popular application of crowdsourcing is Wikipedia; the free collaborative online encyclopedia which relies on volunteers all around the world and now has over 20 million articles in English in the encyclopedia.

In Africa, we are also seeing some innovative ways in which crowdsourcing is being utilised. In Kenya for example, Ushahidi put Africa’s crowdsourcing on the map, as its platform was effectively used to monitor the 2002 Kenya elections.

Read full article on crowdsourcing in Africa.

The video belows showcases ways to facilitate crowdsourcing.

Jon Gosier - "Not an innovation - crowdsourcing & participation"

Mobile Premier Awards

African Technology: Apps made in Africa

Africa has a lot of innovative minds who are using technology to improve the standard of living in the wonderful continent.

Only 3 years ago, the idea that three apps from Africa would beat 47 other global app winners, and become finalists in an international industry award show, would have been likely impossible. This shows the significant strides Africa is making to reach greatness.

African apps and the new generation of young entrepreneurs behind them, recognize the financial potential of their own market place, and the power that apps have to reach and transform Africa’s social, cultural and economic ecosystem. However, there is still a business and marketing skills gap for many developers; once they’ve built their app and put it on the app store, what happens next?

Read full article

New African Technology, a tablet created by Congolese (Verone Mankou, VMK’s CEO)

VMK, a new technology company based in Brazzaville, Congo, is set to introduce Africa’s first tablet computer. Way C is the first tablet entirely designed in Africa. The tablet uses Android 2.3, promises 512 MB RAM, 1.2 Ghz processor, 4GB internal memory, and supports wi-fi. The tablet will cost less than £200 and will be distributed in Congo, Senegal, Kenya, Gabon, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, DR Congo and Belgium.

African Tablet

Read more as Verone Mankou answers questions about the tablet.

African technology has been gathering pace. Companies are now investing in Africa to further their technological development and Africans themselves are coming up with innovations. East Africa is the case of study.

Technological advancement in East Africa. Introducing Nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology in Africa.

Recently, Brilliant Ugandans made an Eco-friendly electric car.

Read about Entrepreneurs that use African technology.

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