Our brain is a vital organ which needs the best foods available to work efficiently. I personally think if the brain is well maintained and we use it effectively a lot of problems in life can be solved.

A friend of mine told me of a story of how some college student was getting bad grades due to drinking water that contained lead. His professor told him to stop taking tap water which contained lead, and start boiling or filtering water. When he started boiling water there was a gradual improvement in his grades. His grades improved from D's to B's and finally the student became an A student. One of the best foods of the brain is pure water.

The lead in the water was making his brain less efficient. Therefore, it is important to find out the best foods for your brain.

The video below shows the best foods for the brain.


A poor diet is one of the major causes of poverty and underdevelopment in Africa. This is one of the reasons why Africans can be incompetent in leadership and make poor decisions.

A poor diet leads to bad brain development. The highest function of life-thinking takes place in the brain. To conceive and execute good strategies, one requires good working brains. Find out the best foods for the brain to ensure optimum functionality.

Consider the most recommended diet below:

Carbohydrates 50-60%

Protein 10-20%

Fats 30-35%

Fibres 25-35grammes/daily


Carbohydrates are a source of energy. Proteins ensure body growth and repair (remember brain growth and worn out cells also need replacements). Fats provide energy and fat soluble vitamins. Vitamins in small quantities keep you healthy. Mineral salts ensure healthy teeth, bones and muscles, while Fibers help your intestines to function correctly

Most African children and adults do consume 90% of carbohydrates in their daily diet and about 10% of the rest. The most important source of protein to an African’s brain comes from the carbohydrates metabolism already in the body. This metabolism tries hard to change the excessively consumed carbohydrates to protein. A growing human being and developing brain needs a lot of protein. Proteins are very important for the repair of worn out or dead cells. This is seen even in hospitals after operations; a poor diet causes a wound to heal slowly and poorly. Immunity, the way a body fights germs or diseases is also weak on individuals who have a poor diet. No brain will function well if you do not have enough food or good proteins.

Africans enjoy the blame game for most of the dire situations. For example take the Goldenberg scandal in Kenya. It was a political scandal where the Kenyan government was found to have subsidized exports of gold far beyond standard arrangements during the 1990s, by paying the company Goldenberg International 35% more (in Kenyan shillings) than their foreign currency earnings, this poor decision spearheaded by Daniel Arap Moi, hit the economy hard. It is estimated to have cost Kenya the equivalent of more than 10% of the country's annual Gross Domestic Product, and it is possible that no or minimal amounts of gold were actually exported. The scandal appears to have involved political corruption at the highest levels of the government of Daniel Arap Moi. Officials in the current government of Mwai Kibaki have also been implicated.

The incomprehensible thinking deterred development in Kenya during that period, corruption is a prime example of poor thinking, which is common in Africa.

Another example of poor thinking is the skewed global economic order that has made Africans producers of raw materials but left the processing of finished products to developed nations. Africa cannot harness mineral resources and exploit solar energy with incompetent thinkers. African leaders at times struggle to make the right decisions, and even need the help of the Western world to make decisions. If their brains were conditioned well from an early age perhaps a lot of bad situations could be avoided.

The poor diet theory explains a lot about the less achievement Africans have accomplished. The gene theory that laziness or brainless is more on blacks than in other races does not hold water anymore today.

African children need better diets. Good diets ensure good brains, hence, good mentors and good programs. Most Africans still eat a diet of 90% carbohydrates and 10% overcooked vegetables. This diet contains little or no nutrients required by the human brain to develop fully in order to handle due process.A carbohydrate dependent society, combined with leaders who are a product of carbohydrates is a recipe for disaster. Most boarding schools in Africa need an upgrade in diet compared to developed nations.

If the brain is already saturated with a lot of carbohydrates, do you expect to get any inventors? You will end up breeding more corrupt leaders who can not solve any problem in the society.

Revising the diet of African nations will lay a foundation for a better future. A lot of problems can be solved by finding out the root cause, so the children of Africa need a better diet because they are the future leaders.Discovering the best foods for the brain will improve thinking of Africans, as a result constructive plans will be laid out by competent leaders to develop the continent. The human mind can solve any problem.

The hidden treasurers of Africa can not be unveiled with continuous problems in Africa. These problems need to be singled out and resolved, to ensure the true potential of Africa is reached.

For more on the brain other than the "best foods" click here

This article is inspired by Paul Nyandoto, writer of the African Executive website.

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