Delicious Botswana food

The main dishes of Botswana that form the staple diet of the local citizens are millet and sorghum porridge. Mostly, non-vegetarian dishes are preferred on the dining tables in Botswana. Mutton and beef are the most widely consumed meat forms in the country. Apart from those, chicken and lamb are also available in abundance.

Fresh fish from rivers is also quite popular in the Botswana and forms an integral part of Botswana cuisine.

The meat dishes are prepared with much care in Botswana.

These pics were taken by various talented photographers:

Lamb roast

IMG_4533 Dinner at Botswana Butchery - lamb roast for two

Botswana ground nut sauce with rice

Botswana chicken groundnut stew with rice balls

Vetkoek, a pastry, with mince

Vetkoek from Baobab restaurant



Pap also known as Ugali{Kenya, Tanzania}, Posho or Kawunga{Uganda}. Other names include Busiima and Nshima. It is a common meal in different parts of Africa. It is quite interesting, different regions of Africa, have a unique name for it. Here is a recipe I found online Pap recipe

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