Delicious Cameroonian food

Charcoal Grilled Fish and bobolo

Charcoal Grilled Fish and bobolo

Cameroon Food varies from one part of the country to the other. The staple food items of northern Cameroon include corn, peanuts and millet whereas food of southern Cameroon consists of root vegetables like cassava, plantains and yams. Fish is widely consumed by the Cameroonians.

The fertile soils of Cameroon provide the people with a large variety of vegetables and fruits. The general diet of the Cameroonians differs from region to region. The characteristic food of Cameroon is fufu, made from boiling starchy ingredients and grinding them into a paste. Fufu is served with hot sauces usually made from ingredients like cassava leaves, tomatoes and okra.

Fufu is a common dish allover West Africa and goes well with beef. Check out the video below to learn how to eat fufu.

How to eat fufu?

One of the Cameroon food dishes eaten in the southern and central parts of the country is Bobolo. The dish is made by fermenting cassava leaves and shaping them in a loaf. Another popular recipe of the south is Ndole. The chief ingredients of Ndole are bitterleaf, melon seeds, peanuts, fish or meat. Cooked in oil and flavored by different spices, Ndole, is one of the favorite Cameroon food.

Fish and prawns feature as parts of Cameroon food. Meat like beef or poultry is considered a delicacy in Cameroon. The use of meat is therefore limited in the preparation of dishes in Cameroon. The local cuisine of Cameroon is wide and distinctive from other
African cuisines.

Cameroon is a wonderful country with
delicious food!

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