Delta Safari International helps in unveiling the hidden treasures of Africa.

by Senegal: Delta Safari International

Delta Safari International, one of Senegal’s leading Tour Operators based in Saint-Louis, Senegal, is pleased to announce its new package: Free Week-long Vacation in Senegal, to make it easy for people from outside Africa to visit the continent and see for themselves what’s really going on there.

When it comes to geographical distance, Senegal is the closest African country to the U.S., closer than many European countries, the weather’s simply cool, neither too hot nor too cold (In fact NEVER too cold :-) . Regarding price, it certainly is the best one could ever get, simply because it’s… free. Vacationers interested in learning more about how this is possible can visit Free Week-long Vacation in Senegal

Discovering the hidden treasures of Senegal is much easier, get more information

This is a great video on the beauty of Senegal, and its rich culture.

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