Development studies: A foundation for growth

Development studies are studies that analyze strategies to develop and unearth the potential of Africa. Below is a list of the strategies


Obama recently addressed young Africans on August 3, 2010. He said that some African countries are growing at a rate of 6-8%, therefore entrepreneurs should be encouraged to invest in Africa. In the long run, this can enhance the national income of the economy, as the returns from these private businesses, spear-headed by entrepreneurs are injected directly to economy.

Michelle Obama on June 22, 2011 inspires the young women of Africa to make a difference in their society.


African leaders should work with the mindset of how their actions are going to benefit their countries in the long term and not the short term.


Another case for development studies is a Union that can come up with a single currency, following the model of the European Union. Consequently, enabling African nations to trade easily amongst themselves.

Africa will have a currency in the stock market. This will mean the rest of the world will be attracted to invest in Africa. Providing a back bone to unlocking the hidden treasures of Africa

An existing single currency will add value to Africa, and investors will not fret to explore any business opportunities. Furthermore, if this currency is backed by the whole continent, nations that misuse the currency will be accountable to the whole continent.


In order for Africa to attract huge capital infusion for her growth and development. The formation of African Stock Exchange will become necessary.

Introduction of this stock exchange will encourage the youthful generation to obtain habits of investing. Education will be required to teach the youth about how the stock market operates.

Most of the top 500 companies in Africa trade within their countries. The key is to expose them to the world markets. For example, some of the companies should be listed in the New York Stock Exchange.


A significant point for development studies. Nations need to have an identity in the economic climate. Countries with a vast population of over a billion, like China and India have specialized in sectors that have boosted their economies. Mass manufacturing of products and Information Technology/Software development respectively.

Africa has recently joined "The Billion Population Club," as of December 2009. Therefore, Africa should look for a niche like China and India.

This niche should be African countries taking the initiative to implement a structure of educating its citizens/students about stock market trading, commodities trading and currency trading. Thereby within 25 years, Africa will produce some of the great traders the world has ever seen.


Credit Unions can be set up in East, Central, West and South Africa. The Credit Unions can give people letters of credit for imports. The parent bank will be in North America. This can bolster capital for investments The countries wil have to be democratic.


This will be the "eighth wonder of the world." It will take 2 trillion dollars to convert the Sahara desert into a vegetation/forest, and approximately 75 years to achieve this goal.The reformed land can be a hub for new economic activities, like growing cash crops.

The development studies above are suggestions and assumptions, but with a clear plan and unity nothing is impossible.

Embracing these development studies can lead to a Superpower Africa.

Top 500 companies in Africa

The Importance of Good Governance

Development studies, Promoting an environment of good governance.

The crucial role of good governance for a sustainable African future. This two day conference created lively constructive debate over issues concerning the link between sustainability and governance on the African Continent.

These three videos analyze the role of governance in the development of Africa, and illustrate the ways of enhancing good governance. These issues need to be exposed so that people plan strategically to solve the problems of poor governance. Solving such problems can promote development.

Analysis on governance, part 1

Analysis on governance, part 2

Analysis on governance, part 3

Dr. Myles Munroe shares knowledge on development

Development studies: Dr. Myles Munroe gives Ghana great advise for development

Dr. Myles Munroe, a multi-gifted international motivational speaker, pastor and entrepreneur, has challenged Ghanaian businessmen and women to be purpose driven leaders with a vision to grow and expand their businesses.

He added that “‘blacks have been educated in a way that makes them job seekers and not job creators, and the time has come for that mentality to change.”

Africans need to think outside the box and create jobs. I believe entrepreneurs have a major role in development. I consider the works of entrepreneurs unique, and something unique has value. Value in the business climate will enhance development by promoting demand.

Dr. Myles Munroe gives Ghana great advise

Dambisa Moyo: Foreign Aid has been a disaster

Development studies: The flaws of foreign aid, a stumbling block to development.

Dambisa Moyo does not like the image that is synonymous with Africa. Images of corruption, disease and poverty. There are so many positive things that are never talked about.

She believes Africans are addicted to aid therefore an environment for innovation has been undermined. Check out the video on this page, "AFRICA RISING," that illustrates the flaws of foreign aid.

Dambisa talks about how Africa is rich with resources, and that the governments should work with their people to maximize these resources.

I love the concept she uses of the mosquito net. Most people like celebrities, will just dump the nets in Africa, yet there are many mosquito net producers in Africa. This hurts their business. Instead people should invest in the local African businesses that produce these mosquito nets. The local businesses in Africa should be given a chance to flourish through the right channels of investment.

Innovators should be given a hand to excel. The governments of Africa should focus more on making the economic environment "entrepreneur friendly." Check out Dambisa's full interview below.

Dambisa Moyo on why aid to Africa has been a disaster.

In this section of development studies, we want to expose those negative trends that need change in Africa.

Role of women in development

Development studies: Women have a major role in developing Africa.

Empowering women and allowing them to be aggressively involved in the economies of Africa can lead to development.

Hillary Clinton:

"Africa will grow more sustainably, if women are full partners in that growth."

Secretary Clinton Honors African Women Entrepreneurs

AFRICA RISING: An inspiring documentary

Development studies: Reducing the dependency on aid to start a cycle of economic growth.

Africans themselves are going to develop Africa. They know the problems better than anyone. It is up to them to unite and come up with the right reforms. The documentary "Africa Rising" is sensational, it illustrates how one person can set a tone for development with the right ideas and policies. Self Help Africa is doing a great job in Ethiopia.

The key pointers from the documentary

-Destroy the dependency syndrome, foreign aid builds a barricade and Africans become reluctant to think outside the box to solve problems.

-Spreading the knowledge, I like the idea of acquiring skills, and teaching other people those skills. This makes a sustainable chain of economic growth. The Ethiopian farmers are doing this, as shown in the documentary.

-Change is difficult, one must sometimes be willing to change, to live a life of purpose and greatness.

-Uniting for a common cause can lead to development, halting negative trends.

What happens when people with great ideas get to work?

Answer: The reflection of hardship becomes fuzzy or unclear and that of development becomes clear.

Self Help's brilliant ideas have empowered the Ethiopians in the documentary, setting a strong cycle of development.

Check out the inspiring documentary below

I love the fact that this project is leading to the birth of entrepreneurs. I am an avid fun of entrepreneurs because they are a recipe for development.

Development studies: Entrepreneurs Can Develop Africa and the World

Development studies can help in realizing the potential of Africa

Development studies: The role of entrepreneurship in economic growth.

Monday, 17 October 2011

He started with four rabbits and a will to succeed. Seven years later, Samuel Agossou has built a home for his family and employs a dozen other young people in his business.

He says that with more support from governments, more youth in Africa's rural areas could follow his example.

"Policy in African countries must work towards strengthening the capacity of young people to create their own jobs, particularly in rural areas where there aren't really schools or enterprises," he said.

Agossou was one of the stars of the Global Youth Innovation Workshop-Fair, which took place in Benin's economic capital, Cotonou, from Oct. 10-13.

The fair, organized jointly by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Benin government, brought together young people from around the world to highlight enterprises in rural areas created and managed by youth. The event also marked the launch of a youth-run network to inspire and support such projects.

Speaking to IPS from his exhibition stand, where he was showing off the products of the rabbit-rearing business, which he started in 2002, Agossou said he began with three doe rabbits and one male.

"Today I have 700,000 rabbits. My profits have allowed me to buy a house for my family and to raise money to meet their various needs."

Benin's Minister for National Defence Issifou Kogui N’Douro, who presided over the official opening of the fair, said: "Finance is actually the biggest challenge to the implementation of the action plan developed in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea. The African Union adopted a plan for the period from 2009 to 2018, aimed at reducing unemployment amongst the African youth."

Government aid

Ratoejanahary Mirado, president of the Association Vonona, which assists rural communities in their efforts to achieve durable development in Madagascar, said regional governments should take note of global actions to really have an effect on young farmers.

"The innovation and creativity that we bring to development does not particularly need an international plan. Our actions must be supported by our individual governments … through direct and indirect aid from the budget," said Mirado.

She explained she worked for a year in her aunt’s raffia (a natural palm fibre) manufacturing workshop until she was able to save enough money to start her own business.

"Six years after I left my aunt's place, my raffia products are sold throughout the world and I hold an investment of 3,300 dollars in a youth organisation that I lead and in which I employ 10 other young people like me."

Bright future

Charles Feridjini, the president of Benin’s Youth Delegation to the exhibition, said the youth should take a prominent place in any government policy.

"It is possible to overcome the poverty if our governments actually use the knowledge, expertise and the power the youth has; especially in rural areas."

Mohamed Bourga, a young Syrian fashion entrepreneur, said his business meant that dozens of newlyweds no longer had to make the trip from his village to the capital, Damascus, in order to buy clothes.

Bourga dreams of selling his clothing in Syria’s major cities "and possibly importing wedding dresses."

Agossou said in the right conditions, created by government and the youth, more jobs and better produce are sure to follow in Africa.

By Charles Mushizi [Analyst on development studies]

Source: IPS News

Countries like China have a role to play in the issue of development studies

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