Diana N Graham, Inspires Greatness!

Diana N. Graham is an entrepreneur who has a drive to inspire those around her. As she turns 30, there are landmarks she has attained, most notably her first published book, Duly Noted. Duly Noted was written to help people achieve new levels of success through personal growth.

Inspiration and motivation for Duly Noted was initiated by a prophetic word Diana received and became obedient to. Her steps were ordered and orchestrated in such a way that this book has been internationally well received and embraced. Duly Noted is a must have as everyone strives to daily make movements towards self development.  From beginning to end this book offers entry level access to enhance ones thinking and creating plans for present and future success. Reviewers deem it a re-read three to four times in regards to the impactful insight it provides.

Other Exploits:

Diana is the Owner and CEO of Crowned for Success Global Consulting, LLC whose sole purpose is to service others to succeed in life.  Services are extended in focus areas inclusive of Veteran Advocacy, Event Management, Administration, Professional Personal Shopper, and Strategic Planning.

Social Elite of Benevolent Women (SEBW), Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization of which Diana serves as President and Co-Founder.  The organization was established in 2008 and functions to promote leadership in youth and their families.  To learn more and connect with these efforts visit www.sebw.org.

Professional public speaking is another avenue that Diana pursues with a range of topics to diverse groups in multiple settings.  To schedule Diana send emails to inquire@dianangraham.com


Diana believes the youth, senior citizens and entrepreneurs have a role to play in the development of Africa. Development is a "substance" that can be replicated anywhere with the right minds.

 In her words:

"My interests in Africa exist in three realms: youth, senior citizens, and entrepreneurs.  My approaches with each area are different but all serve a greater purpose. For the youth it would provide awareness and exposure impacting new mindsets for cultural growth. Senior citizens have a lot to offer and can relate wisdom in ways that others only read about; creating new avenues for conversation. Lastly, entrepreneurs are dear to me and through my expertise of strategic planning there will be opportunities to expand the boundaries and develop international markets with innovative ideas."

Diana has a burning desire to connect with Africa in order to see the continent realize its potential. Innovative thinking is a catalyst for development.

For more on the great works Diana is doing visit: http://dianangraham.com/default.html and follow her on Twitter @IAMDianaNGraham