Dobet Gnahore: Beautiful sounds from Ivory Coast

Dobet Gnahore, Ivory Coast

"Dobet Gnahore has spirit and passion, a powerful vital energy that is both vibrant and impatient but that is also full of charm and introspection." Official site

This Ivorian lady is full of energy and loves performing. Her voice is also outstanding. She was a nominee at the 2006 World music (Awards) for Newcomer and shared an award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance with India.Arie at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

I like her song, Samahani. It showcases her contagious energy and beautiful voice.

Dobet Gnahoré - Samahani

Discover her beautiful music in the playlist below.

Dobet Gnahore by Marlon Katsigazi on Grooveshark