DR Congo [Democratic Republic of Congo} is the second largest country in Africa by area and the eleventh largest in the world. With a population of nearly 71 million. It has a lot of hidden treasurers that are untapped. Here is an analysis of the mineral resource.

Location of DR Congo

Location of DRC

Did you know that the untapped mineral wealth of the Democratic Republic of Congo is estimated at $24 trillion, equivalent to the GDP of Europe and the United States combined?

The fact that the Democratic Republic of Congo is as large as Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland, Armenia, Spain, Albania and Italy combined, it is quite astonishing that DR Congo is still developing. DR Congo needs the right brain power to drive it forward, considering its size and mineral wealth.

Congo has a variety of mineral exports with the major exports being diamond, copper, cobalt and gold. Coltan is another mineral which earns the country the most profits. It is a black tar-like mineral which when crushed becomes a heat- resistant powder capable of holding very high levels of electric charge. Given these properties, it is an excellent heat-resistor and is used in the power-storing capacities of many electronic devices like cell-phones, laptops, spacecraft and much more. It's use has led to the reduction in size of many electronic devices as well as today's advanced wireless technology.

Unfortunately, widespread mineral wealth has led to unrest like in eastern Congo. Illegal trafficking has destabilized eastern Congo and been the catalyst for major conflicts. The conflicts have led to a death count estimated to be five million since 1996.

Democratic Republic of Congo is a country with a lot of potential that needs the right mind to move forward.


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