Egyptian Food

Some might wonder what makes food from Egypt unique and what has molded and influenced it. Not suprisingly, much has!

Though Egyptian cuisine is unique, it has been influenced for thousands of years by Middle Eastern and even European peoples to the North.
Egypt has several national dishes. Aish baladi (a dry wheat bread), kofta (spicy lamb), lamb kebabs, ful midamess (spicy bean paste with onions and tomatoes), tahini (sesame paste), and koushari (lentils, macaroni pasta, rice, and chick peas) being the most well-known. Mint teas are also very popular. Because much of the Egyptian populace is made up of lower-to-middle-class citizens, wine is rare and usually reserved for the wealthy, but with an abundance of barley and because it is affordable, beer is quite common.

The two videos below illustrate the richness of Egyptian food.

Food Safari - Egypt Part 1

Food Safari - Egypt Part 2

Discover a variety of Egyptian food.

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