The empowerment wall is a collection of words that inspire people to be great. Words are powerful and when they are fine tuned with optimism, success can be achieved.

The people of Africa and the rest of the world need to hear positive messages all the time to change their mindset. One should have a mind that centers its imagination towards achieving great things. Do not be afraid to dream BIG. We shall share inspirational words with a hope that people will be encouraged. These words are brought to you by IKL/MK

Watch this wall daily, as it is scraped with WORDS OF INSPIRATION


8. One of the worst things to do is not to try.

7. Do not be afraid to fail. Failure is an opportunity for success.

6. Sacrifice is evidence of genuine love.

5. "I see myself at the top of the mountain." Imagination is the first step towards success. Dream that you can achieve.

4. Negative words puncture our faith.

3. Faith and a vision go together like bread and butter.

2. Integrity in business is more valuable than money. A business partnership that sets its foundation on integrity, will gradually grow into greatness.

1. Belief is the first step towards completion of any goal.