End wastage then ask for more resources

by Kitui
(Cotonou, Benin)

It is indeed true that there are insufficient resources to run the African Union. The one thing that however vexes me is that there is a lot of wastage on the continent. The wastage of resources is by the very members of the AU, Presidents. Nearly all African leaders are corrupt. This is the worst way of losing money that would have been used to develop economies and build regional arrangements as the AU.

The second issue is institutional duplicity. Currently, Africa is in the process of establishing a criminal chamber. Why don't African leaders accept that perpetrators of international crime are tried before the ICC? Why is it proposed that the criminal chamber has jurisdiction over corruption? Is it not expensive to transport criminals across the region?

If Africa is to use her resources right, she should stop wasting, ensure accountability and good governance. Before crying to citizens who are paying endless types of taxes leaders should be introspective. African leaders should stop wasting money so that it can become available. You can't have your cake and eat it too!

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