An African Reflection of Factory Smiles:

As Africans and lovers of Africa we carry a story no matter our location in the world. These stories are ignited by our gifts, talents and abilities. When we discover our gifts and put to use our greatest resource, the mind, we release treasures to Africa and the rest of the world that enhance development.

Introducing, Factory Smiles, a story of hope as characters put all their talents together and use the power of the mind to change Africa. A changed Africa becomes a prototype for other nations of the world to realize their potential.

Let the story of Factory Smiles stir you to greater heights. Fix your thoughts on good things, let the belief rise and make a difference not only in Africa, but the world.

Factory Smiles was written by Marlon Katsigazi of Discovering Africa Network to enable people to see beyond their circumstance, have a picture of where they want to be and create a belief system that the picture can become a reality through perseverance.

Get your copy of Factory Smiles today and partner in becoming a torch of hope that shades light on the goodness of Africa and transforms the continent and the world.

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