Ghana is always in my heart

by Isaac Leeward
(Durham, NC)

Astonoshing gold at the Ashanti Kingdom

Astonoshing gold at the Ashanti Kingdom

Astonoshing gold at the Ashanti Kingdom Adioukrou African Queen Mother The Obama family tours Cape Coast Castle Elmina Castle

I sat down with a Ghanian gentleman recently, and he told me wonderful things about the country. The interview was educational, and in case I stop by Ghana, I know a couple of places to visit.


Marlon: What do you like about Ghana?

Isaac {face lights up}: First and foremost, I like Ghana because it is my country of birth. The first country to get independence in 1957. Slave trade may have started there because of the gold.

Very rich in natural resources and culture. They have 3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and 3 plus billion barrels of oil. The country has 3 percent of the gold deposits in the world, and more is being discovered.

There are a lot of business opportunities from the gold mining industry, the rising oil industry, pharmaceuticals {export of medicine}, and agriculture.

Ghana is the world's second largest producer of Cocoa, and is believed to have the best quality of Cocoa in the world.

Marlon: I am sure you miss the food, what particular food do you miss? {being a keen student of culinary arts, I could not wait for the answer}

Isaac: I miss the local food. Ghana has a variety of delicious food. My favorite food is palm nut soup, and yams. Ghana has different types of yams, the popular one is Puna. Puna has a unique taste.

Marlon; What is the weather like?

Isaac: Ghana has the dry and rainy season. The rainy season is like fall, and the dry season is like summer. The weather is good.

Marlon: What are the nice places to visit?

Isaac: Cape Coast castle and Elmina Castle. President Obama went to Cape Coast Castle, Obama was the first president to visit Cape Coast Castle, and deliver a speech about the ills of slavery. Elmina castle brings remembrance of how slaves were transported out of Africa. These sites are full of rich history.

I believe there should be a movie made on slavery, from an African perspective, made by Africans.

The Ashanti King, the most expensively dressed person in the world, he sits on a throne full of gold. The jewelery he has is second to none. The Ashanti Kingdom has the single richest gold mine in the world, more than any other gold mine in the world. The mine is called Anglo-Ashanti gold fields.

The Volta lake is the largest man-made lake in the world, and is beautiful site to visit.

Marlon: What other things are great about Ghana?

Isaac: Ghana has a lot of musicians, and is very good at football {soccer}. I like the free-flowing football {soccer} of Ghana, the Black Stars. European Leagues and the MLS are looking to recruit players from Ghana now.

The people of Ghana are very hospitable, and well-learned. If your a tourist, rest assured you will be well taken care of.

Obama reminds the world to respect each other

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Oct 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Ghana is beautiful and has rich history.

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