Ghana: A report on why investors are moving to this small but powerful country

Ghana has been on the world map for the last couple of years. Mainly because of the discovery of oil which has set a foundation for a solid economy. This blessed nation also represented Africa well in the recent South Africa 2010 World Cup, reaching quarterfinals playing entertaining football [soccer]. Below is a brief history on the small but powerful country, as well as a report on the discovery of oil and gas.

Location of Ghana in Africa

Why was Ghana called the "Gold Coast"?

This was so because in the eighteenth century it had a lot of Gold deposits. Later on, the British Empire took most of the gold deposits to build their empire. At that time the country was not an independent state, and did not fully control the gold exploits to benefit the national income.

Currently, oil and gas has been discovered. This will definitely boost the economy. Now an independent state, the West African nation, can now set its own regulations in the extraction of oil. The key is to follow the right model of extracting oil and avoid corruption.

"This West African nation is about to enter an elite league of countries who are major oil producers."

More news on the oil nation

Introduction to the new "Oil Nation"

Pumping oil for the first time

The future of this rising African nation is bright. The country needs the right minds to push it forward.

Africa is the cream of the crop at world's leading green energy awards

Accra, June 17, GNA - The world's most prestigious green energy awards has selected an energy company from West Africa, as the Gold Award winner of this year's Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy.

The Ashden Awards showcase practical solutions to combat climate change and meet the energy needs of the poor, rewarding outstanding and innovative clean energy schemes across the developing world and in the United Kingdom.

The Patron of the event, the Prince of Wales said, "They remind us how, as individuals, we can make a huge difference to the world in which we live. In a nutshell, they remind us that acting locally is, in fact, acting globally."

Ghana's Toyola Energy Limited, was awarded the coveted Gold Award worth $340,000 in recognition of its success in making over 150,000 efficient charcoal stoves and marketing them to low-income families at very affordable prices.

What a prestigious night for Ghana! read more

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