The Gugulethu Tenors, a whole new dimension of African talent

the gugulethu tenors

They have been described as “South Africa’s Il Divo”, “Pavarotti’s Children” and “the Diamond of the Township” – the Gugulethu Tenors enchant the concert halls of South Africa with their collective song.

While their peers enjoy Kwaito, Hip Hop and Rap, the Gugulethu Tenors pursue their inherent love of Opera, a genre which is not traditionally associated with the township. By incorporating contemporary and subtle ethnic elements in their music, they have made the genre their own, capturing the hearts of audiences across South Africa with their raw talent.

It is quite amazing, I just stumbled on this group on the internet, and I said to myself, is there anything Africans cannot do. Africans can do enormous things, if they are focused, determined, disciplined, and put in a lot of effort.

Persevere through every challenge, for a reward awaits. See the video below and find out more.

The Gugulethu Tenors perform PATA PATA

Gugulethu Tenors Perform "Oh Sole Mio"

The tenors did an excellent job in the 2010 World Cup concert, and they have also performed for politicians, dignitaries and superstars including Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock and Mariah Carey. At the 2006 Oprah Party, guests were blown away, and Oprah herself was touched by their sincere performance and humble beginnings.

There is so much hidden potential in the continent, that the world needs to know. The Gugulethu Tenors are real gems.

The Gugulethu tenors and other artists expose the rich talent in Africa

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