Healthcare Volunteer Uganda HVU

by Marlon Katsigazi
(Durham, NC)

Spread joy all over the world

Spread joy all over the world

Spread joy all over the world Camp Angelina Camp Angelina

Healthcare Volunteer Uganda (HVU) is a registered not-for-profit charity based in the rural districts of Mubende and Kassanda in Central Uganda.

The focus of HVU’s program is on orphans and vulnerable children. One of the greatest effects of the AIDS pandemic is the impact on psychological and mental health of children who have lost their parents under traumatic circumstances.

The impact of parental death on children is complex and affects the child’s health and social energy, and can further result in stunted development of emotional intelligence and life skills.

Many of the children HVU works with in community based programs show psychosomatic disturbances, depression, very low self-esteem, disturbed social behavior, hopelessness, and low levels of educational attainment. With simple, direct, culturally appropriate psychosocial support interventions, very encouraging results can be achieved for children affected by AIDS by improving their resilience and coping capacity.

The major goals of HVU’s programs are to:

-Raise awareness of the plight of OVCs {Orphans and Vulnerable Children} in Uganda.

-Activate the international community against the deplorable conditions that orphans and children infected with HIV/AIDS endure daily.

-Implement and support pioneering grass-root programs related to orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.

This is a new organization, and I think they are doing a great job. They realize the potential of children, and want to ensure that they have no obstacles when trying to attain their goals. This lays a good foundation for the future in any community.

Being new, the organization needs all the support. I gathered their contact information.

HVU held their first camp in the summer of 2011, here is the brochure: Camp Angelina Brochure Download {pdf}

Contact information

P.O.Box 33049, Kampala, Mubende, Uganda

The organisation is a branch of Healthcare Volunteer Inc, an International NGO based in California that acts as a portal connecting healthcare volunteers with opportunities worldwide.

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