Hope Development Volunteers

by Stella
(Mukono, Uganda)

Volunteers with children

Volunteers with children

Volunteering with Hope Development Volunteers

We have partnered with a number of meaningful projects originally set up by locals, but looking for outside help in the form of advise, financial support, long term support and hands on help. Significant donations and enthusiastic volunteers have allowed us to achieve much in the short time we've been here.


We provide safe and comfortable accommodation for our volunteers. The home (Uganda Adventures Home) is designed as a place to relax and enjoy free time. Not only are meals and laundry provided, but the atmosphere is a fun and sociable one. The home is open to non – volunteers (tourists alike), though often we are catering for our volunteers only. With our knowledge of the local area we can help to organize day and weekend trips for those at the home on a budget, after all, you should experience all that this beautiful area has to offer in your free time. And, yes, the home is named Uganda Adventures Home as your adventure begins here.

We offer a safe and family-like environment in which to come to Africa and give your time. We offer pre-arrival support by answering your questions about Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and Burundi and by finding a project that best fits your skills and interests.

We can also connect you to former and current volunteers working with us. We offer in-country assistance by collecting you from the airport, getting you to your placement, and unravelling some of the more complicated cultural issues you face when entering a country for the first time.

It is not easy to come to a completely foreign culture on your own. We want to be there to give you encouragement, advice, and support in order for you to be most effective while you are here.


Things to do while out of your daily schedule. If you are going to come this far, well there is plenty more to see before leaving. Uganda is a beautiful and diverse country. Most famously it is home to several bird species, Chimpanzees, Gorillas and famous Mt. Rwenzori and has a massive 7% of its land designated as game reserves and so they are protected by the government. There is so much to do here you would need months to get around to it all.


Safaris are the most obvious and popular attraction, with 2-7 day safaris available which take you elephant spotting, bird watching, hiking, camping and Gorilla Trekking.

Mountain climbing

For mountaineers there is Mt. Rwenzori, Mt. Elgon, a 6 day climb to the snow-capped summit at 4800m.

Other attractions

Walks in the Mountains, visits to tribal villages and shopping in African craft markets are just some of the activities available to those based in Uganda and traveling around Uganda.

How to book

WAIT UNTIL YOU GET HERE!!! Not only will you get cheaper prices but you can meet up with others that want to do similar trips as you and so save yourself money. At the house we have connections with reliable guides and will assist you in arranging a trip. Often a trip will be arranged with spaces available for others to sign on. We also arrange day trips from the house at the weekends; when most volunteers are free, so give yourself a little bit of extra time when you are booking your trip because the country has so much to offer.

Partners and Projects

Hope Development Volunteers has unlimited care giving opportunities for volunteers to work side-by-side with local people and provide care for children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. The local organizations we work with lack resources and staff, and are especially grateful for volunteers’ daily support, personal attention, and care.

The simple actions of our volunteers are incredibly meaningful to the community. A volunteer’s support, affection, companionship, and interest in their well-being consistently have a positive impact on the populations we serve.
Volunteers become companions that energize and stimulate elderly community members who have been forgotten or are otherwise isolated by others. With infants and children, volunteers show love and affection that aids in their development and overall well-being.

Volunteers make a meaningful impact on communities through their enthusiasm and compassion—this work helps to challenge local stereotypes of people with disabilities.

Care giving placements available:

• Caring for Infants & Children
• Caring for the Elderly
• Caring for People with Disabilities

Just let us know which group you would to work with and we will place you in the right area.
The Ongoing Effect of Volunteer Care-giving
Our care giving placements involve many one-on-one interactions, but it’s the continuous access to our international volunteers that creates the positive, sustainable effect on communities. Beyond the time that one volunteer will spend in-country, the care-giving continues. As a volunteer, you are a link in a chain that connects you to all those people who have volunteered in the community before you, as well as those who will come after.

Tools that HDV staff and volunteers have created ensure the effectiveness of our short-term volunteer work (e.g., log books documenting volunteer experiences and the placement guide), facilitate the process, and prepare you for your assigned placement.

Community Development

Hope Development Volunteers works with many underserved communities across East Africa that are trying to develop and progress with the ever-changing global and local economy. These communities may lack the resources—social, educational, or other—to be fully proactive on the daily challenges they face. International volunteers can help to empower both local community organizations and individuals with the tools they need to be self-sustainable, successful, and knowledgeable in their future endeavors.

Whether working with at-risk teens, young adults looking to join the workforce, or women striving to earn income for their families, you can help by sharing your time, energy, and experience.

• Working Toward Women’s Empowerment
• Sharing Your Professional Skills & Experience

The Ongoing Effect of Volunteers’ Efforts in Community Development
Community development does not happen overnight, or in a few weeks—it’s something that progresses slowly over time and never has an end point. HDV provides a steady stream of volunteers to these communities to fulfill their immediate needs year after year, and for that reason, you will be able to make a sustainable, ongoing effect on a community’s development efforts, even though you may only spend a short time in-country.

Corporate Volunteerism

Corporate volunteerism focuses on team building amongst employees participating in our group volunteer programs.

The aim of corporate volunteer programs is to strengthen group performance at work through corporate team building activities and exercises, with employees working together to achieve a common goal, as a team.
Back to basics – corporate volunteerism, team building and supporting local conservation and community development initiatives is a very real way of putting things in perspective for staff members and management alike.
Corporate Team Building with Hope Development Volunteers

Through experience with previous corporate volunteer groups hosted by HDV, we have seen that there is no better form of corporate team building than volunteering and giving together. We involve your staff members in our local group volunteer programs and offer them the opportunity to make a difference in the communities involved, whether it’s in half a day or a month.

You are welcome to contact us at HDV for more information on corporate volunteerism, or our corporate team building programs.

Traveling together at discounted ‘Mates Rates’
For more information on discounted rates for group participation in any of our volunteer programs contact one of our destination managers.
We invite you and your team of staff to be more than just tourists – to be travelers, humanitarians and conservationists working together to make a difference in Africa.

About our Child Care Placements:
One of our partners is a voluntary child-focused organization caring for over 280 orphans and other vulnerable children including children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, children living in poverty, abandoned, physically, child parents, children affected by armed conflicts, sexually and mentally abused and children who come from single parent families.

The project provides Formal Primary Education, school feeding, clothing’s, shelter, scholastic materials (uniforms, books, beddings,) health care, protection and participation.

For those intending to stay for more than six months, special arrangements will be done for their stay.

Role of Volunteer

The programs need people with many different skills, People who can teach in our orphanage schools, Provide medical care, Help with cooking, Child care for infants, Working toward women’s empowerment, Assisting local Medical clinics , Counseling and home visits , Children’s rights campaigns (Preventing Violence against children) , Teach life skills, music, knitting and sewing, carpentry, pottery and any other skills , People who can provide community development projects

We are keen to hear from anyone interested in donating time for the benefit of the children. As education, health care, shelter and feeding are of paramount importance, we would like to hear from anyone willing to promote health and prevent illness in the community!

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