Immigration news: Is the American Dream becoming less desirable to Africans?

The recession in the USA is bringing about more immigration news on the birth of transnational populations. According to Kathleen Newland, a director of the Migration policy institute in Washington DC, says what African residents in the US are doing when they return to Africa is not reverse migration. Newland says this is better described as the "formation of transnational populations, people who keep a foot on two continents.

Newland remarks furthermore, "I think you are very unlikely to find Africans who have settled in the US giving up the insurance policy of a green card or US citizenship to completely transfer their lives back to Africa." According to Newland, what transnational people like to do, she adds, is divide their lives between two places,"running businesses here and running businesses there and living here and living there."

Though Newland does not believe that this new phenomenon will result in redistribution of population. She is excited by whatit suggests Africans abroad feel about their homeland. ""What it does tell us about Africans is there is a lot more hope and optimism about the economic prospects." "It suggests people who have made their lives in the US want to be part of Africa."

Africans are commuting to and from the Atlantic

The trend is spreading and artists are writing about longing for Africa. For example, "Tomorrow I Am Going Home by Liberian singer and pastor, Shadrach Deline."

In the song, Deline, a pastor of the Nation of Christ Believers' Fellowship Center in Atlanta, Georgia, sings he has 'sweated hard' in the US. Now it is time for him to 'sell his house, sell his car, sell his boat' and go home to 'sweet, sweet Liberia.'

In a video featuring the song. Deline moves his Western style three-piece suit and puts on an African robed garment. The prodigal son, the act is meant to suggest, has returned. Deline says the song's message resonates with African expatriates because no matter how comfortable an exile they enjoy, an African will always yearn for home.

"There is going to come a time," predicts the pastor, "when Africans in the US will leave in record numbers." Indeed, says Deline, "there will come a time when Africans will not even bother coming to the US because life will be so beautiful back in Africa. There will be no need to ever leave."

Pastor Deline's song

The song gives insight into the immigration news, on the formation of transnational populations.

The immigration news on the formation of a transnational population is trendy, but the truth is that the "American dream" is no longer the major thought in Africans living abroad, mainly due to the recession. There is a new trend, and it can be a positive foundation for the future economy of Africa, hence, the hidden treasurers of Africa can be revealed.

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