India's interests in Africa

China may be gradually spreading its tentacles in Africa, but India too is spreading its wings quietly and stealthily to counter its neighbor's increasing presence there.

So as China aggressively targets Africa’s natural resources, India too has been busy expanding its footprints on this vast continent through various development and infrastructure projects.Of course, like China, India too is eyeing the rich mineral resources that some of the African countries posses, among them oil and uranium. But New Delhi is careful to emphasize that “India has a deep involvement with Africa and it’s not just the resources we are interested in.” Rather, as a senior MEA official remarked, “India is a partner in Africa’s socio-economic development which is modeled on South-South cooperation.”

Indian students are also studying about Africa now. The future is Africa and India does not want to be left behind.

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India is ready to support development in Africa

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