South Africa's LIRA, a fresh breath of eclectic sounds

Lira, South African singer

Lira has been rocking the South African scene for almost ten years. She is known for eclectic sounds comprising elements of Afro-pop, R&B and Jazz. She became a mega selling singer in South Africa when her second album "Feel Good" was released 2007 - awarded "Best Jazz Album 2007 - Metro FM Awards. The title song "Feel Good" was the most downloaded song in South Africa in 2008. In recent times she has gotten more international recognition. Her album "Rise Again," is set to come out on Jan 31, 2012 in the United States.

I love her vocals, and the way she incorporates various instruments to her music.

Feel Good

This great South African singer also empowers her community

She lends her time and resources to causes that matter to her the most. She remains active with and has received awards from various grassroots organizations, outreach groups, and advocacy programs such as the Student Sponsorship Programme – which presented her with the Inspiration Award in 2011. She has also participated in numerous activities for The Southern Africa Trust.

"Phakade" is another good song of hers. The video setting is beautiful, and it also has English subtitles.


"Rise Again" is one of her more recent songs. In the video below, she is singing it live. I love the part of the Spanish guitar.

Rise Again

She is representing Africa admirably, and 2012 is going to be a great year for her, as she enters the horizons of America. The world will embrace the talent from Africa. If you like Lira, you will also like Zahara This is my personal favorite,"Hamba"


She has a bright future, and is a real African treasure.

Her interview with NBC

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Lira, a South African lady in New York