Naomi Wachira: Soul enriched with African flavor

Naomi Wachira, originally from Kenya. Lives in Seattle

Naomi Wachira is originally from Kenya, and she has an incredible soulful voice. She loves Africa, and wants to see a great Africa in the future.

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Location United States, Washington, Seattle

Bio Singing has always come naturally for Naomi, who started singing with her parents at the age of five and hasn’t stopped since. The discovery at 15 that she could write music gave her the platform to express her otherwise introverted self. With age and a myriad of life experiences, she has developed a style of writing that is simple and to the point, with the understanding that her music has an activist role to play in society.

Her musical influences didn’t come until her mid 20’s when she was introduced to the music of folk artist Patty Griffin that she determined to learn guitar, which deepened her world of songwriting. Currently, her influences come from other female African singer/songwriters such as Asa, Sara Tavares and Nneka, who are a shimmering light of the great talent emerging from the continent. With sincerity in her lyrics and delivery, she strives to merge her native African rhythms with a hint of American folk, offering her take on issues affecting society.

Whether writing about her trouble laden continent or domestic violence, Naomi believes her mission is to write music that provokes humanity to being mindful of each other, while attempting to hold the dignity of those whom she writes about. "I know that my music is not for the sake of music, but for the sake of society, reminding us that we are all in this together."

Influences Miriam Makeba, Tracy Chapman, Eva Cassidy, Asa, Sara Tavares

Naomi Wachira

I discovered her recently, and these particular songs showcase her love for Africa. She wants to see Africa prosper knowing that it has unquestionable potential. I love the lyrics for "Africa rise up" and "My Sweet Africa"

Africa [Rise up}

Naomi is a proud African girl, check the video below to find out why.

African girl

One of her latest sessions, Naomi Wachira - "Witness"

Discover more of her talent on her You tube Channel

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