Monika Njava is not only a talented musician, but a great person with a kind heart. She wants to see proper leadership in Madagascar, so that the political, social and economic environment enables her fellow natives to prosper.

The gifted producer behind her music got in touch with me, and explained the meaning of her new video, Reolo (The People)

Daniel Brandt, Producer:

"Monika Njava directly addresses the political problems that currently prevent her country from reaching its full potential."

This is very admirable, Monika's music has substance and she has a passion to ensure that there is a better Madagascar. The entire team behind the music is doing an outstanding job. Check out the video below:

Reolo (The People)

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NJAVA: A name representing great Malagasy music

Beautiful Madagascar

Njava a name that reflects great music from the beautiful Madagascar.

I stumbled on two great musicians from Madagascar, and their last names are Njava. I think these two musicians are representing the name well, as their music illustrates the unique and rich culture in Madagascar. The name Madagascar is synonymous with the Disney movie "Madagascar" but there is also a wonderful country in Africa called Madagascar that produces talented musicians.

Monika Njava is a musician I discovered recently, she has great vocals and Ravola[Money] is an awesome video. I love the assimilation of the string instruments, it makes the song unique and soothing.

What is interesting, as I was doing research on Monika, I found another lady called Lala Njava, who also has a stunning voice. The performance in the video below illustrates her talent.

A great acoustic performance by Lala

In her words:

“I have been dreaming about this project for years, but couldn’t do it due to business activities and international tours: Njava, Deep Forest, Frédéric Galliano… Finally I made up my mind to bring my internal music to light. Simple melodies with pure grooves, these are the sounds of my life, my heart, my soul. I sing about love, hope and sadness, but also about my happy childhood in Madagascar and the struggle of mothers and children on the Beauty Island.”

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