Ntando, gifted South African artist

Ntando, great singer from South Africa

Ntando Bangani is an Afro-pop artiste from South Africa. His music is influenced by Afro Jazz, reggae, among other genres from South Africa.

He grew up in Kagiso, Soweto (moved there when he was six) where he spent many years in the Trenchtown Studio. He was under Otto Mjangqeka's watch, practicing song after song and perfecting his talent. He had been singing in his school choir in primary school and ultimately completed a music diploma at the Manu Music College in Johannesburg.

His debut album was Kwantu (Cradle of Humanity) which sold more than a million copies and he followed that up with Imvelaphi (Heritage).

I have known Ntando for a while, his voice is exceptional. He is naturally talented and takes his music seriously. His music is relevant to life issues, and showcases the great talent in Africa.

The world needs to know about the hidden potential of artists in Africa.

I love "Ngiyosebenza". The vocals, arrangement and blend of instruments is awesome.

This is another good song

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