Get more intriguing information on African resources below. Africa has contributed and continues to contribute to the world significantly.

Beautiful Sao Tome and Principe

49. Did you know?

Sao Tome and Principe has the world's largest concentration of endemic plant species used in flavorings.

China interested in African oil 48. Did you know?

China imports 25% of her Oil from Africa.

Great wall, China

47. Did you know?

As of 2012, China is Africa's biggest trading partner. From $1 bn in 2000 to $160 bn in 2011. Surging by 1,300%.

Source: Barron

Lantau Island, China

46. Did you know?

China is to loan DRC $6 billion for infrastructure construction in exchange for mining concessions in the Copper belt.

China is building 1,900 mils of rail lines and a highway that will for the first time link the Copper belt with the capital.

Source: Barron

Gas storage, gas pipeline

45. Did you know?

The US Geological Survey estimates that 253 Trillion Cubic Feet (tcf) of gas may lie off the coast of Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique.

Source: Africa Reuters

Delonte oil and gas drilling

44. Did you know?

Tanzania signed a $1.2 billion loan from China for the construction of 532 kilometers gas pipeline.

Source: Reuters

Chinese Kung fu, Chinese African Kung fu

43. Did you know?

Chinese learned MARTIAL ARTS from their African forefathers 5000 years ago.

These African forefathers would carry an art of fighting developed in the Horn of Africa into China which today we call martial arts: Tai Chi, Kung fu and Tae Kwon Do.

Even the oracle of the I-Ching came with a later African group, the Akkadians of Babylon.

Source: Africans launched Chinese civilization.

Gum arabic

42. Did you know?

Chad is the second world's largest producer of Gum Arabic. A product used in soft drinks.

DNA, China

41. Did you know?

There are over one million Chinese living in Africa. Their latest discovery indicates their DNA is not Chinese instead African.

Let Professor Jin Lin, explain from this link:

VIDEO - DNA proves Chinese are African

Beautiful Zimbabwe

40. Did you know?

Zimbabwe, received a loan of $324 million from China Development Bank to finance agriculture machinery imports from China.

Solar Components

39. Did you know?

South Africa is going to build the world's biggest Solar Energy system at the cost of $22 billion.

Nairobi, Kenya

38. Did you know?

Kenya started from zero investment in 2009 and grew to $1.3 bn in 2010 in technologies such as Wind, Geothermal, Small-scale Hydro and Biofuels.

Aliko Dangote, Forbes Magazine, Richest man Africa

37. Did you know?

Aliko Dangote, Africa's richest man, plans to invest $7 billion in electricity, petrochemical and mining sectors of the Nigerian economy within the next four years. He will contribute $2.5 bn, borrow $4.5 bn from International lenders such as IFC.

Mayumba, Gabon.

36. Did you know?

Gabon, has attracted over $4 bn of direct foreign investments through contracts with American, Asian and European companies since 2010.

Aliko Dangote, Richest man in Africa

35. Did you know?

Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote, is going to list his $11 billion company, Dangote Cement, on the London Stock Exchange in 2013.

Particles of chromite

34. Did you know?


World Resources: World resources exceed 11 billion tons of shipping-grade chromite, sufficient to meet conceivable demand for centuries.

About 95% of chromium resources are geographically concentrated in southern Africa.

Reserves and reserve base are geographically concentrated in southern Africa and Kazakstan.

Substitutes: There is no substitute for chromite ore in the production of ferrochromium, chromium chemicals, or chromite refractories. There is no substitute for chromium in stainless steel, the major end use, or for chromium in superalloys, the major strategic end use.

oil in Ghana

33. Did you know?

The largest oil field in Ghana, "The Jubilee Oil Field, produced 30 million barrels of oil in 2011.

According to Tullow Oil.

China flag

32. Did you know?

Africa's trade with China in 2011 was $160 billion and expected to reach $400 billion by 2015.

China built the African Union (AU) headquarters in Ethiopia at the cost of $200 million as a gift and donated $93 million for 5 years maintenance cost. Construction completed 2012.

African food supply

31. Did you know?

40% of food loss in Africa occurs at post harvest and processing levels.

Africa and India relations

30. Did you know?

Africa and India agreed to boost trade from $62 billion in 2011 to $90 billion by 2015.

Mobile Africa

29. Did you know?

Africa has become the second most connected region in the world in terms of mobile subscription count in 2012, up from fourth place at the end of 2010.

Expected to reach 1 Billion by 2016.

Source: African Business

South African stock exchange

28. Did you know?

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa was ranked No. 1 for regulation in 2010 by the World Economic Forum, beating global heavyweights including London.

Source: African Business

Durban, South Africa

27. Did you know?

South Africa is globally recognised as a leading supplier of 55 different minerals and mineral products from over 700 mining facilities.

Led by Platinum, Chromite, Gold, and Manganese. South Africa has the world's largest deposits of these minerals.

Export Income 2010 $85.8 Billion.

Automobile, Africa

26. Did you know?

The average Automobile contains more than a ton of iron and steel, 240 lbs of aluminum, 50 lbs of carbon, 42 lbs of copper, 41 lbs of silicon and 30 other minerals including titanium, platinum and gold.

Source: USGS

Note: AFRICA supplies the world with these resources.

Ethiopian coffee

25. Did you know?

Which nation in Africa gave the world Coffee? ETHIOPIA.

Coffee was first consumed there in the 9th century (800 AD)

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