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Get more intriguing information on African resources below. Africa has contributed and continues to contribute to the world significantly.

79. Did you know?

Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos, Nigeria, through his inspirational leadership has transformed a once difficult city and state into a thriving living space in just six years. Has turned Lagos into the economic hub of West Africa.

Source: Africa Business

78. Did you know?

US Rapper, music mogul 50 Cent is seeking business partners from Africa to be sole distributors for his energy drink SK Energy in their respective countries. He said the continent is full of vibrant young entrepreneurs. SK Energy was launched with a social mission to "feed a hungry child". Already covered for the cost of 2.5 million meals. Read more

Source: Africa Business

77. Did you know?

Former President of South Africa, FW de Klerk said:

"Sub-Saharan Africa constituted one of the largest areas of prime real estate in the world. The continent is endowed with enormous mineral resources in a commodity hungry world."

Source: Institute of Economic Affairs address in Ghana

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76. Did you know?

Africa's gas reserves as of Dec 2010, 25 African Nations...........= 13.6 trillion cubic meters.

Other nations:

Saudi Arabia...................= 7.8 trillion cubic meters

United States..................= 7.7 trillion cubic meters

75. Did you know?

Africa is the world's largest producer of oil as of 2010.
22 African Nations total production = 10.9 million barrels per day

Saudi Arabia = 10.5 million barrels per day

United States = 9.7 million barrels per day

Africa's oil reserves as of Dec 2010 was estimated as 124.3 billion barrels Saudi Arabia as 262.6 billion, United States as 20.7 billion.

Source: CIA World Factbook
BBC - Focus on Africa

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74. Did you know?

Africa has 680 million Mobile Phones subscriptions. Larger than Europe's 540 million as of Dec. 2011.

Source: African Business

73. Did you know?

China's top 5 trading partners in Africa, 2010

1. Angola........$ 24.8 billion

2. South Africa.. 22.2 billion

3. Sudan.......... 8.6 billion

4. Nigeria......... 7.8 billion

5. Egypt.......... 7.0 billion

Total......... . $ 70.4 billion

Source: African Business

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72. Did you know?

Bauxite Mining In Africa.

Africa produces over 16% of the world bauxite. Out of 54 Nations, 12 have deposits. Led by Guinea with 30% of the world's reserves and the world's largest producer.

Cameroon, DR Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia are also producers.

Bauxite is the most common ore of aluminum. It is also used as an abrasive, however, this use is now being replaced by synthetic materials.


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71. Did you know?

Coal Mining In Africa

Out of 54 Nations, 15 have Coal deposits, led by South Africa with 11% of the world's reserves and produces 6% of global production. Algeria, Botswana, DR Congo, Egypt, Madagascar, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria,Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


Image of Diamond

70. Did you know?

Africa is the world's largest producer of DIAMONDS. It has produced over 75% in value of the world's diamonds with more than 1.9 billion carats worth US$158 billion. Africa currently produces 50% yearly. Out of the 54 nations, 25 have diamond deposits.

Leading producers include: Angola, Botswana, South Africa, D R Congo, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Cote l'voire, Ghana


69. Did you know?

WORLD ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2011, James Mwangi of Kenya, CEO of Equity Bank won the world's most coveted award for business leaders, the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year Award. His story is a fascinating and inspiring account of triumph against severe odds.

Learn more about his background HERE

Source: African Business 8/12

68. Did you know?

During the historic first Global African Diaspora Summit,

Dr. Erieka Bennett, Founder of the Ghana based Diaspora African Forum Mission explained:

"There are two types of Diasporans - those of us taken during slavery and those who leave Africa to work in greener pastures."

Furthermore she said, "The kind of returns you can makeon investments in Africa, you cannot make it anywhere else in the world. Everybody is here in Africa investing except us, the Diaspora. The Chinese, Lebanese and Indians are all here doing business in Africa.

Source: New Africa 7/12

United States of Africa

67. Did you know?

President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana said,

"So long as Africa remains divided, it will therefore be the wealthy consumer countries who will dictate the price of our commodities."

Source: Neo Colonialism Pg 11

President Barack Obama

66. Did you know?

"President Barack Obama said, "There is no reason, why Africa cannot feed itself."

He launched a plan for investments of more than $3 billion in Africa's agriculture by private US companies.

Source: African business 7/12

Kwame Nkrumah speec

65. Did you know?

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in his speech in May 24, 1963 also stated:

"All Stock Exchanges in the world are preoccupied with Africa's Gold, Diamonds, Uranium, Platinum, Copper and iron Ore.

Our capital flows out in streams to irrigate the whole system of Western economy. That 52% of the Gold in Fort Knox at this moment, where the USA stores its bullion, is believed to have originated from our shores."

Source: New Africa 7/12

64. Did you know?

President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana said in 1963 to 32 independent African countries who have met in Ethiopia to find ways to unite the continent:

"What need is there for us to remain hewers of wood and drawers of water for the industrialized areas of the world? It is said, of course, that we have no capital, no industrial skills, no communications and no internal markets, and that we cannot even agree among ourselves how best to utilize our resources for our own social needs."

Source: New African 7/12

Chris Newson, Head of Standard Bank Africa

63. Did you know?

Chris Newson, Head of Standard Bank Africa said:

"Africa's future has never looked brighter, foreign direct investment has more than doubled over the last decade. Africa has emerged as one of the favored global investment destinations, especially by investors seeking portfolio diversification or to tap into the continent's high economic growth that is expected in coming decades."

Source: New Africa Magazine 7/12

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62. Did you know?

The popular saying:

"You are not African because you are born in Africa, but because Africa is born in you,"

Aptly summed up the atmosphere of togetherness of 200 Diasporans invited to the first Global African Diaspora Summit. Now recognized as The Sixth Region of Africa. They were encouraged to invest in the motherland and assist in developing the continent.

Source: New Africa Magazine 7/12

Global African Diaspora Summit

61. Did you know?

May 25, 2012 AU, South African government and the Pan-African Parliament jointly hosted the first ever Global African Diaspora Summit in Johannesburg.

It brought a sense of belonging from the four corners of the world (in over 50 countries including Jamaica, Guyana, Cuba and the US with over 40 million African Americans).

Recognized as "The Sixth Region" of the African Union. Read more

Source: New Africa Magazine 7/12

Dr Jean Ping, Former AU Chairperson

60. Did you know?

Dr Jean Ping, Former AU Chairperson stated:

"How a continent of 54 countries, with the richest deposits of every natural resource in the world, can still largely rely on outside largesse to finance the activities of its continental union."

(Even the new AU headquarters was donated by China)

This is a PARADOX that Africa will have to solve in the second decade 2012-2022.

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59. Did you know?

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana said in his first address in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the launching of the Organization of Africa Unity (OAU):

"Our continent certainly exceeds all the others in potential hydroelectric power, which some experts assess as 42% of the world's total."

The Late President of Ghana, Atta Mills

58. Did you know?

In 2011 Ghana became the first African nation in the world with the highest economic growth of 14.4% under Professor Atta Mills Presidency.

Other countries in the top ten include Liberia, Ethiopia and Angola.

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57. Did you know?

The Sahara [Great Desert] is the world's largest hot desert, third largest desert, after Antarctica and the Arctic.

Sahara may potentially be a catalyst in the development of Africa. Read more

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56. Did you know?

Knight Frank [global property network] has come up with startling findings in its property section.

Luxury homes in Nairobi and Kenyan coast Mombasa; Malindi and Lamu were the best performing prime residential property markets in the world.

Source: The Annual Wealth Report published by Citi Private Bank and Global Real Estate Managers

Makhtar Diop, World Bank Vice President for Afric

55. Did you know?

Makhtar Diop, a Senegalese national with more than 25 yrs of development experience has become the new World Bank Vice-President for Africa.

Diop is the first Francophone to hold the World Bank Africa Vice Presidency.

54. Did you know?

Research has proven that South Africa's Rooibos Tea plant is rich in anti-oxidants which assist in preventing various forms of cancer, heart attack, and reducing cholesterol levels.

Two cups a day will reduce levels of bad cholesterol while increasing levels of good cholesterol.

Read more

Source: The Africa Report 6/12

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53. Did you know?

In Sub-Saharan Africa, mobile banking has grown to 16% of the market in 2012.

Africa is the fastest-growing mobile market in the world, and is the biggest after Asia

Read more on the Mobile Boom in Africa

Anansi Operating Syste

52. Did you know?

"Spider" is Africa's new web browser.. Created by a 22 years old Ghanaian Computer Science student, Randolf Owusu.

"The Anansi web browser", Anansi means spider in Ghana's
Twi language.

The brilliant young man is also the mastermind behind Africa's first Operating System, Anansi Operating System.

Source: The Africa Report

Durban, South Africa

51. Did you know?

Investments from South Africa into the rest of the continent has grown 65% in the past four years.

Source: The Africa Report

50. Did you know?

Intra-African trade has tripled from 2002 to 2010, reaching $103.9 billion.

This only represents 13% of the continent's trade.

Source: The Africa Report