PRESTO: Presidential Initiative on Sustainable Tourism

Paraa Safari Lodge, Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda is a nation full of wonder and beauty. It is a hub for tourism and Lonely Planet, an independent travel magazine owned by the BBC, voted the nation the top destination for 2012. The peaceful state and rapidly developing economy has made Uganda an attractive nation for tourists.

Furthermore, Uganda has a plethora of attractions like animals, birds, water bodies, enchanting green vegetation, hills and historical sites.

Tourist Attractions:

Animals: The government has established wildlife parks and buffalo, zebra, monkeys, hippopotamus, crocodiles and elephants can all be seen.

Birds: Uganda with only 93 thousand square miles, boasts of 1500 bird species. This is astonishing. Uganda is so small, but is a bird watcher's dream.

Water bodies: River Nile, the longest in the world, has its source in Uganda. With a surface area of 68,800 square kilometres (26,600 sq mi), Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake by area, and it is the largest tropical lake in the world. Take a trip to Uganda and explore various water bodies.

Green vegetation and hills: The scenery that comes to mind when I think of green vegetation and breathtaking hills is Mountains of the Moon, truly a masterpiece of art.

Historical sites: The nation has such a rich history, historical sites like Kasubi tombs and Uganda Martyrs Shrine are historical landmarks. There are also significant sites like the Equator zone and Art centers.

Role of PRESTO [Presidential Initiative on Sustainable Tourism]:

"PRESTO was launched by His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in February in the United Kingdom.State House, through the Presidential Initiative on Sustainable Tourism in Uganda has weighed in to boost the tourism sector through promoting various exhibitions about tourism, culture and tradition abroad through the active participation of the private sector."

Uganda is a great nation basking with tourism potentilal. This industry continues to grow globally, and can potentially earn the nation billions of dollars annually. Read more

Visit this wonderful nation and discover many hidden treasures of the world. Here is an article on why I like Uganda, as well as a song about Uganda.


Check out the up and coming website of PRESTO

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