by Marlon Katsigazi
(Durham, NC)

Give a helping hand, and reverse negative trends.

Give a helping hand, and reverse negative trends.


A friend from Kenya introduced me to this organization.

They are breaking negative cycles in society, and providing hope to the victims of AIDS/HIV.

Building on 25 years of success in the U.S., Sunburst has designed a comprehensive professional development and support program that will:

-Provide therapeutic youth programs for children and teens living with HIV. Leading to increased medication adherence, greater self-esteem, and lowered risk behaviors.

-Create jobs for young adults living with HIV by providing not only a living wage, but the skills and tools to help their communities and develop meaningful careers.

-Educate an entire community and combat stigma through the empowered voice of youth. HIV is everyone's problem and our programs give youth an opportunity to make sure their communities know the facts.

-Because this program is designed to quickly scale up to serve 10,000 children, it can easily be adapted and empower youth both nationally and internationally.

This outlay was enlisted in one of their brochures, and I think it is a terrific plan. It mirrors the concept of "Raising an underachieving society," for example, when it talks about boosting self-esteem.

With a great self-esteem people can achieve great things. If you respect yourself, you will easily respect others. Respecting one another leads to greater harmony, and thus, development of an underachieving society becomes easier.


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