A Superpower Africa can be realized if the continent reaches its true potential. Making use of the size and the excess resources of Africa, can be a springboard to a powerful Africa.

Can the

Can the "Lion" Africa come out of its cage and realize its potential?

According to Bamanga Tukur, Chairman of Africapractice of Nigeria:

"Can you envisage a day when Africa will wield such enormous influence that the rest of the international community will be obliged to side with her on global issues? That is the acid test of a superpower, and this day may arrive sooner than you think.

At the climate change conference in Copenhagen last year, Africa demonstrated her capacity to speak with a single voice. Despite internal differences among member states, the 53 nations of Africa were united in their purpose at Copenhagen. The International community was forced to listen and to acquiesce.

Could Copenhagen mark the birth of a new global superpower? I should like to advance five reasons why this might be the case."

1. Africa represents, potentially, the largest single voting bloc within the UN with 53 votes. If African governments continue to agree on a single position, as at Copenhagen, then the UN has a new heavy- weight in its ranks.

2. Africa is home to most of the world's natural resources, which are in ever-decreasing supply today, and has comparative advantage in new clean-energy sources.

3. Africa is home to close to one billion people the largest consumer market outside of India and China.

4. Economic growth is stronger in Africa than any other region in the world today.

5. Africa will soon benefit from her own standby military force, whose contribution to the global war on terrorism may be very significant.

African Business issue 363

The line below illustrates other development studies of Africa becoming a powerful continent.

The making of a Superpower

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