Suzanna Owiyo, an ambassador for Kenyan music

A friend introduced me to Susan Owiyo, and I think she is a real talent. Africa is blessed to have such talent.

Born in Kasaye village – Nyakach, near Kisumu, Suzanna Owiyo was introduced to music at a tender age by her grandfather,a prolific Nyatiti player. In high school, her talent enabled her school to win many trophies during the provincial and national music festivals.

Suzanna’s music is a fusion of traditional western Kenyan music and contemporary rhythms. Traditional instruments (nyatiti,orutu, etc) always feature in her songs as heard on “Janyau”, the first track of 2nd album Yamo Kudho (the wind is blowing).

I like the fact that she uses a lot of elements in her music. Blending various instruments and traditional music. This makes her music rich and unique.

Suzanna Owiyo performs "Sandore" at Mandela Day 2009 from Radio City Music Hall

Suzanna Owiyo and other talented artists contribute to the rich art in Africa

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