Tasty food from Burundi

by Tumwine

Red kidney beans and sweet plantain.

Red kidney beans and sweet plantain.

Red kidney beans and sweet plantain. Ugali

The Burundi food mainly constitutes plantains, beans, sweet potatoes, cabbage and tubers. The people of Burundi enjoy having Ugali{Pap}. Ugali is prepared by boiling cassava flour in water and making a paste of it. These are the staple food of Burundi people. In the important cities of Burundi, French bread is a hot favorite of the people.

How to cook Ugali, a common dish allover Africa

Drinking coffee and tea have become a common practice among the Burundians. Red kidney beans are such a favorite food of the Burundians, that it is a must once in a day.

Sorghum beer and urwarwa (banana beer) are the two traditional drinks of the Burundi people. The drinks are produced by themselves. The snack foods of Burundi include groundnut, sugarcane and fruits. Serving deserts along with the meal is not a custom in Burundi food culture.

The people are not in the favor of cooking sweet foods. In rural areas, the Burundi foods are generally prepared over a wood fire.

In the big cities of Burundi, the hotels serve various delectable French, Asian , Greek cuisine. Spiced foods,
chappatis and rice are also available in the restaurants.Boiled foods are mostly preferred by the Burundians.

Important sources:

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