Tinariwen expose Africa's natural talent

"TINARIWEN - A Mali Berber group. Their music is in a Tuareg language called Tamasheq. It's so beautiful and very earthy. Listen to the instruments playing in the background and you'll realize that singers such as Muddy Waters most definitely strike such a similarity. Therefore, Africa still ranks at the pinnacle of all musical influences." I must say well put.

These are the words from a dear African sister of mine, Milgo Kakazi. Thanks for sharing. Unveiling the hidden potential/treasures of Africa is team work

This group is naturally talented, and the use of the guitar adds a lot of color to their arrangements. Their sounds are very organic.

I first saw them performing at the 2010 South Africa World Cup concert, where they did a brilliant job.

While the Tinariwen style is possibly a distant relative of blues music, via West African music, members of the band claim to have never heard actual American blues music until they began to travel internationally in 2001. This signifies their natural talent.

Their sound is primarily guitar-driven in the style known as assouf among the Tuareg people. The guitar style has its roots in West African music, specifically that from the "great bend" region along the Niger River, between Timbuktu and Gao.

The core elements of Tinariwen's music are traditional Tuareg melodies and rhythms including those played on the shepherd's flute, which is primarily a man's instrument; and those played on a one-string fiddle known as an imzad which is played by women.

The primary percussion instrument is the tindé drum which is played by women at festive occasions. Another important traditional influence is the lute known as the teherdent, which is played by the griots of the Gao and Timbuktu regions. In the late 1970s, when the founding members of the group started playing acoustic guitars, they played a traditional repertoire adapted to the western guitar.[wiki]

I like the fact that they blend a lot of traditional instruments into their music. They integrate Berber, classical pop of Egypt, and Bollywood elements into their style. Mali has great talent.

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First single from the latest album "Tassili"

Tinariwen contribute to the rich art of Africa. Discover other artists.

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