Tshila, A Ugandan musician that embraces Afro-fusion

Tshila, talented Ugandan musician.

Tshila is a world-fusion musician from Uganda who first got onto the music scene in 2005 as a member of the pioneering Ugandan hip-hop group, Bataka Squad. She started out as the female MC in the group then later began to explore a solo career as an Afro-Fusion artist.

In 2007, the talented musician was named one of the 20 best unsigned artists in the world by the BBC World Service in their talent search called "The Next Big Thing"

One of my favorite songs by her is "Namboozo."

Not only is she a talented musician, but also a great person. She strives to make a difference in society. She has been recognized as a spokesperson and contributor to youth movements for social reform in Uganda.

This gifted artist is full of potential, and the world is ready to hear her sweet sounds. Below is a video of her poetry in music.

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Tshila: Helps her Community

I talked about this musician being a great person. Here is an example of her kind deeds. Artists should blend their gifts and talents with helping their fellow man. We need each other.

Saidat Nantubwe, victim of kidney failure

In her words:

"I contributed by holding several fundraising concerts at Emin Pasha Hotel, and within my capacity, was able to raise over 5million Uganda Shillings ($2,500) towards her treatment. The initial cost was set to 44,000,000 Ug Shs. ($20,000) but more fundraising had to be done to keep her in the hospital in India for 5 additional months as it was discovered that she had Hepatitis." Read the full story

I love people who help their communities, and this talented lady is truly a great person and artist.

In line with this, I created a page where people can help underachieving societies. Raising underachieving societies

I have been exposing the hidden potential of various African artists. I like the fact that the core fabric of their music is positive, educational, entertaining, creative and unique. Discover other talented African artists.

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