VISIBLE UGANDA: A genuine reflection of the nation

Visible Uganda: Moving forward and not living in the past

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, is a peaceful nation with vast opportunities. Northern Uganda an area that has been getting a lot of media attention through the Kony 2012 video is developing gradually, and has firmly moved on from the past atrocities. Peace Recovery Development Program and various partners are doing an excellent job of improving the infrastructure in that region. Business is beginning to thrive, and the days ahead look fruitful for that region.

Uganda is hub for tourism and investment. The nation has a lot of resources, like the recent oil discovery that is attracting investors. The economic situation is bright for this wonderful country.

The video, Visible Uganda, showcases the bright future of Northern Uganda and a genuine reflection on the status of the nation. A nation that is moving in the right direction towards development. Be enlightened by the video below:


Right Honourable Amama Mbabazi, Prime Minister of Uganda does an outstanding job of explaining the current situation in Uganda.

Being Ugandan, I love to look at the country through a lens of optimism, therefore I shared a positive "myuganda" story.

It is time the negative perception of Africa is put to rest and a positive perception takes front. If we believe in our minds and speak that Africa will be a great continent, it will become a manifestation. Speak positive and believe positive.