Volunteer Abroad in Africa

by Isaac Ssamba
(Mukono, Uganda)

Affordable Volunteer Work Abroad in Africa, Low cost volunteering in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan

Why Volunteer with Hope Development Volunteers? We offer low cost, affordable volunteering work abroad opportunities in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan.

It’s a strong statement when people try to make a difference in poor places, such as Africa. Ever get the feeling that you have a higher calling? Like to travel differently than with a big group of people or are you looking for changing yourself? Then Hope Development Volunteers through its program of Volunteer Abroad Africa can provide you with an assortment of opportunities for finding some answers.

One of the biggest differences you will notice at the end will not be external but will be the difference inside of yourself. Most importantly, you will be changed forever because you will have a greater understanding of another culture, you will challenge your personal limits, and you will develop friendships.

Many travelers know where they want to go, but don’t know what to do once they get there. Volunteering abroad Africa gives your travels a purpose and an itinerary.

In some cases you may find a volunteer gig in your field of study. A volunteer position may give you the hands-on experience you won’t get stuffing envelopes for an internship.

Volunteering requires flexibility, patience; those who are self-starters, and people who genuinely respect the host people and their culture. Volunteers never come to teach the people western ways, nor are they here to save the people. Volunteers come to share their energy and time with the people, to experience their culture first hand and to grow themselves.

You may learn a new language, a new culture, and a new way of life. Flexibility and patience are the keys to having a satisfying experience.

The most important step will be to find the right volunteer project. Browse our Countries & Projects page and choose the right project for yourself.

The vision of HDV Volunteer Abroad Africa is a community of Africans and Westerners working, sharing and connecting with each other using their gifts to serve others. We are always on the lookout for those with a heart for others and the skills to serve them. If you think this may be you and are interested in volunteering, please write to us and choose the right project for you.

contact Isaac Ssamba, email address: isaac@volunteerabroadafrica.com

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