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(Mukono, Uganda)

Jan- March 2013 WorkCamp

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Help Build a school in your volunteer vacation in 2013

When your volunteer vacation comes to an end, you'll be tired and a bit dirty. But, you will have made a big difference in the lives of local children. You'll leave the village with visible proof of the work you've done and happy memories of the people you've helped.

WorkCamp Dates:

10th- January-2013 -25th-March-2013

Number of participants needed: 20 Volunteers Needed

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This program will promote and improve the quality of education in under-served communities of Uganda. The main focus is lifelong education for sustainable development and equipping skills and values needed by the community dwellers to in the communities in need to help them improve on their quality of life.

This is a developed integrated approach to our once education support program. New efforts in education will now fall under one program Sustainable Education Program (SEP). This new integrated approach will focus on construction of a school in the community by teams of developmental volunteers. The volunteer can apply to participate in this program where there will is not any program fees required to stay in Uganda, volunteers with different skills, backgrounds and from different countries are needed to come together as a team to construct a school for a needy community. The only requirement will be a volunteer to do some fundraising in his home country of a minimum of USD$1500 which will be used to construct blocks, furniture and start of sustainable projects at the school ground.

Education is the foundation for sustainable development. It is a key instrument for bringing about changes in values and attitudes, skills, behaviors and lifestyles consistent with sustainable development within and among countries.

The concept of sustainable development includes the key areas of society, environment and economy, with culture as an underlying dimension. The values, diversity, knowledge, languages and worldviews associated with culture influence the way Education for sustainable development is implemented in specific national contexts.

Objectives of our Sustainable Education Program:

Sustainable Education is foundation for development and a tool for addressing interlinked objectives such as:

Society: to increase understanding of social institutions and their role in change and development, to promote social justice, gender equality, human rights, democratic and participatory systems, and health care (including HIV/AIDS)

Environment : to increase awareness of the resources and fragility of the physical environment, the affects of human activity on the environment, climate change, environmental protection (including water education), and biodiversity

Economy : to create sensitivity to the potential and the limits of economic growth, its impact on society and the environment, responsible and sustainable consumption, and rural development

In addition to reflection in the classroom, schools will often conduct community-oriented projects. This will not only serve to improve immediate local needs, but to equip students with the necessary skills to transform oneself and society.


With your donation of USD$1500 you can Help Build a School in a very needy community in Uganda and you could change the lives of children and families in an entire community. At the end of the project March 2013, your contribution would have changed the lives of 450 children who would be attending the school constructed by you. The village supported, don't have enough money to build a school for their children.

By building a school in Uganda, you can help these students get the education they deserve. Studies have shown that when children are given an education, deviant behaviors such as prostitution decline. As a generation of educated children becomes adults, they will improve the quality of life for everyone in their community. Educated children will make more money than their parents and will be better prepared to pull their families out of poverty. The overall health of the community members will also improve. With newfound education and prosperity, diseases such as AIDS will begin to lose their grip and infant mortality rates will improve. What these children learn within the four walls of a newly built schoolhouse can have a ripple effect that improves life for their own children, their grandchildren, and the children of future generations.

You can help build a school even if you have never picked-up a hammer before. This new BoHU volunteer vacation program offer developmental volunteers a free chance to travel to Uganda and start and construct a school with a team of friendly like-minded international volunteers alongside the local community. This unique opportunity lets you get your hands dirty and actually see what a difference you've made before you head back home. But, don't think it's all about hard work. The program also give you the chance to travel around the communities you are working in, explore the country, and get to know the people you are helping.

How to Join the Program:

Its free to join this program, no program fees required, you are only requested to confirm your participation in the team by paying a registration fee of USD$100 to cover the communication costs, preparations and ground activities, Pre-service (e.g. culture, health talk, program orientation, training etc), 1 day sightseeing guide fee around Kampala or Jinja, Equator, world heritage sites, (e.g. game parks, zoos, museums, rivers etc), Transport from the airport to the Project site.

The only requirement is you to help and raise USD$1500 which will be used to construct the school, Accommodation, Laundry and food during placement with a host family or volunteer house (3 meals a day) for entire three months- 90% will go the school startup and construction.

When a volunteer arrives in Uganda, our Coordinator meets them at the airport and brings them to our orientation place in Mukono. From that point our volunteers spend between 1 to 3 days in our orientation program. This training provides volunteers with a very detailed understanding of how to be acquainted in Uganda's Life and culture.

The donation fee excludes the following:

Airfare, Visa and Visa extension fee
Transportation during weekends travel
Personal travel and sightseeing (trekking, jungle safari etc);
Internet access, telephone, drinks or other costs accrued during training and placement;
Gifts to project staff and host family, if you wish to buy any;
Should you wish to spend more time in Uganda-post placement period, please remember to budget accordingly!
Travel and medical insurances, immunization, health expenses;
You will also need a weekly budget of up to US $50-100 to cater for all your other expenses.

JANUARY 10th –March 25th -2013 Workcamp:

Program Name: Sustainable Education Program (Uganda)- Mukono Mission

School Name: Hope Children’s Village- Mukono

Program Duration: Flexible but Minimum Stay: 2 weeks and Maximum Stay: 3 months

Program Fees: Free (Accommodation, Food-3 meals daily, Water and Ground Support Provided)

Booking a Placement: USD$100 to confirm your involvement in the team

Program Donation: USD$1500 (Towards the construction of the school- 90% goes to this)

Number of Participants needed: 20 volunteers

Start Date: 10th January 2013- 25th- March-2013

Project Location: Mukono

Number of Direct beneficiaries: 450 children

Project Life: 3 months of service, but a participate can stay for a minimum of 2 weeks

Volunteers stay within the community as they build schools and health centers

Volunteers participate in constructions, pre-training, teaching subjects and skills, English, and help distribute books.

When your volunteer vacation comes to an end, you'll be tired and a bit dirty. But, you will have made a big difference in the lives of local children. You'll leave the village with visible proof of the work you've done and happy memories of the people you've helped.

To participate write to: beaconyouths@yahoo.com

Website: www.beaconofhopeuganda.webs.com

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