Empowering and Uniting the Community

Healing with CAARE, Incorporated is a 501(c) – 3, public service organization that was founded by Dr. Sharon Elliott-Bynum, and Patricia Amaechi (deceased), two African-American women, seventeen years ago. These young women had a vision to serve the citizens of Durham. They wanted to help make our community a place of opportunity for those in need, a community of caring for all, and to be an Oasis of Care. We are grateful for our two founders for their visionary leadership and also for all of the community that participated in fulfilling CAARE’s mission.

CAARE Inc. has joined forces with another visionary leader Mr. Utibe Udoh, founder of African Land, a successful business owned and operated in Durham for over twenty five years. For years these individuals have engaged in numerous discussions around the entire African Diaspora coming together for a common cause.

On June 30, 2012 at 1:00 PM., we will pay tribute to our founders, celebrate the realization of their vision, and honor community members who have dared to make a difference in the lives of others at our First Africa We CAARE Cultural Celebration at Healing with CAARE Inc., (214 Broadway Street, Durham NC 27701, 919 683-5300).

We would be honored to have you share in this festive event filled with African Cuisine, fashion, dance etc. Please remember to dress in your African attire.

Thank you in advance for helping us celebrate this very special occasion.

Please feel free to contact Sharon Elliott-Bynum at (919)698-9358 or Utibe Udoh at (919)489-1034 if you have questions.

Lets create a sustainable network between Africans and those connected to Africa.

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